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Join 2000+ companies that assess, manage and sustainably reduce their CO2 emissions for an affordable price.

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Our tools and climate experts dedicated to your transition


GHG Assessment
Multi-Criterias LCAs
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Transition Plan
Sustainable Procurement
Change Management


Carbon Display
Science Based Targets
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Scopes 1, 2 and 3
Evaluate your company's emissions each year to maximize emission reductions.

Activity-based approach
Internal and external real flows (i.e., flows of goods).

Spend-based approach
Financial value translated into emissions with a corresponding spend based emission factor.

Sector benchmark
With Greenly, the detailed analysis of your emissions includes a sector-wide activity comparison

Employee Engagement
Raise awareness amongst your team to increase their action potential.

Optimal security
We are SOC certified and adhere to the ISO 27001 standard, which guarantees our customers' data security.

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Your emissions reporting is consistent with the GHG Protocol standards (scopes 1, 2 and 3).

We quantify your action plans to help you develop your decarbonization strategy

Reduction Trajectory
Assess the carbon impact of each of your activities and develop an appropriate strategy for them.

SBTi Trajectories
We offer several strategies, consistent with the SBTi framework.

Discover a virtual assessment of each of your decisions which could alter your carbon impact.

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Pre-selected Projects
Discover our pre-selected projects which are relevant to your company.

A diversified Catalog
Access a catalog of diverse projects which can help you to diversify your investments.

Full Autonomy
Take advantage of being able to manage your offsetting strategy however you want, when you want.

Receive your offsetting certification to demonstrate your financial support to offsetting projects.

Secure and fast platform
Pay directly on our secure platform and receive your order immediately.

Expert guidance
Benefit from advice from our experts to find the most suitable project for your company.

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Complete report
Get a full report created by our experts to explain your carbon assessment.

Climate Certifications
Downloadable certificates to easily communicate your current efforts.

Video Story
Showcase your strategy with a video promotion expertly created by our production team.

Press release
We help you to share your environmental efforts ‚Äď without greenwashing.

Greenly Medals©
Display your Climate Strategy Medal to illustrate the growth of your climate strategy.

Audit Report
Collect and analyze all your environmental data.

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Make Your Carbon Assessment Flow Better

Combine activity-based and spend-based methods to get the most precise carbon assessment.

With Greenly
Without Greenly
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Data collection




Activity report


Action plan



A strategic choice

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Methodology note - > Digital solution : Greenly has developed a algorithm guaranteeing a 100% categorisation rate. Other similar companies only reach a 70 to 80% rate, hence more time is needed to complete the GHG inventory.

One of the most complete market solutions

Leading industry analysts say Greenly is the best software provider for automating carbon accounting and financial disclosures.

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Optimize your carbon accounting management

We build companies' carbon accounting future to help them prepare for tomorrow.