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🚀 Greenly Raises a $52 Million Series B to Drive Widespread Adoption of Emissions Reporting Amidst Regulatory Push!


Decarbonise your supply chain

Engage your suppliers in your journey to Net Zero to reduce your carbon emissions and monitor their trajectory.

Identify the most wasteful suppliers and replace them with less carbon-intensive solutions

Scope 3 represents 90% of your company's emissions

Why decarbonizing your supply chain with Greenly ?

Measure Scope 3

Analyze your scope 3 emissions and improve your transparency in your RSE communication.

Get certified

Showcase your commitment and easily communicate your decarbonization efforts.

Source sustainably

Create new partnerships with our low-carbon suppliers.

Take action with your suppliers

Co-develop a universal transition plan with your suppliers.

How does Supply Chain decarbonization work?

Set SBTi reduction targets for all of your suppliers

Greenly helps your suppliers by supporting them to reduce their own carbon emissions.

Learn more about SBTI

Access the largest directory of scored suppliers

Compare your suppliers and implement a responsible purchasing policy

Still have questions?

  • What advantages does a sustainable procurement policy offer ?

    1. Risk reduction and enhanced reputation: Suppliers engaging in harmful practices, such as child labor or pollution, may face financial repercussions and damage to their reputation.
    2. Cost savings: Sustainable suppliers can help lower an organization's expenditures by reducing waste and energy costs.
    3. Revenue growth and customer loyalty: Consumers who prioritize sustainability actively seek ethical and sustainable products and organizations. These customers are often willing to pay a premium for products or services that are sourced sustainably and ethically.

  • How is my suppliers' score determined?

    The supplier questionnaire is composed of categorized questions, where each answer choice is assigned a specific point value. These points are then totaled to calculate a category score. The cumulative category scores are used to determine an overall score, which is graded on a scale from 0 to 100 and translated into a letter grade from A+ to E. For a detailed explanation of our methodology, please visit our Help Center.

  • How can I communicate the Greenly Assessment Process to my suppliers?

    1. Enhancing risk and cost management in relation to climate change (e.g., rising resource prices, production costs, evolving regulations).
    2. Enhancing the accuracy of Scope 3 calculations.
    3. Responding to external pressures from investors, customers, and civil society to reduce climate impact.
    Promoting greater collaboration and transparency with business partners.

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