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🚀 Greenly Raises a $52 Million Series B to Drive Widespread Adoption of Emissions Reporting Amidst Regulatory Push!

Elevate your ROI with carbon accounting

By making environmental efforts a priority, businesses can not only create a positive impact on our planet but also enhance their return on investment

Save up to 8% of your profits by starting an ESG assessment today

Based on government agency research on over 8,500 businesses, companies that engage in environmental efforts are 8% more productive than others.

Profit before tax

Earn up to $80K by investing in an ESG assessment

Join the 1500+ companies committed to fighting climate change

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Unlocking Profits and helping the Planet:

How Prioritizing Environmental Efforts Drives Business Success

Attract investors

80% of investors consider sustainability criteria in their investment decisions.

More sales

71% of consumers prefer to spend more on a brand that is comitted to climate action.

Stay ahead of regulations

Stay ahead of impending requirements imposed by the SEC, IFRS, and other regulatory bodies.

Attract & retain top talent

70% of employees are more inclined to work for a company with real ESG approach.

Earn prestigious labels

1/3 of the points needed to achieve a BCorp certification requires a low carbon assesment

Greenly ROI vs Consultants


With over 1000 customers across the globe and having strated out in the most regulated market in the world, Greenly has helped manage over 13,5 mT of CO2e for companies of all sizes.


Greenly is the most affordable and thorough carbon management SaaS on the market. Part of our mission is to give business of all sizes a chance to make a positive impact on the environment.

Easy-to-use UI

With more than 100 business applications, easily integrate your company’s data into our platform to monitor your cO2 emissions in real time, and define your reduction trajectory.

Customer Support

Our team of climate experts are specialized in every single indusstry to help create a custom action plan and an experience tailored specifically to your business.


The most complete and intuitive platform on the market!

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Greenly’s expertise and support has been the key to an ambitious sustainable approach for AXA. Full support with raising awareness, thorough breakdowns from their climate scientists, and a custom action plan to help us prioritize and reduce our emissions.
Pierre-Emmanuel Lefebvre
DG AXA Partners

Still have questions?

  • Why should my company measure its carbon footprint?

    In addition to meeting a common objective - that of collectively reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and thus combating climate change - there are several reasons you should carry your own carbon assessment (

    Among them :
    - to satisfy the new expectations of customers (especially the younger consumers);
    - to control costs;
    - to attract investors;
    - to boost your brand image;
    - to anticipate legislative changes that are already underway.

  • How does Greenly calculate my company’s emissions?

    Greenly takes a snapshot of your direct and indirect emissions (scopes 1, 2 and 3), by studying the physical and monetary flows linked to your activity.

    So essentially, we collect all the activity data of your company, then translate this activity into greenhouse gases.

    Thanks to our innovative technology, we can automate the analysis and collection of this data. To date, there are more than 100 business applications on our interface that allow us to quantify the majority of activities that generate carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

  • What does the Greenly platform offer?

    Greenly offers an integrated platform to manage your climate strategy from A to Z:
    - a complete, accurate, easy, and quick carbon assessment ;
    - a library of action plans and virtuous alternatives to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions;
    - a questionnaire for your employees to raise their awareness of climate issues;
    - a complete reporting tool to communicate your progress to your stakeholders on a regular basis.

  • Is it required by law to do a carbon assessment?

    Right now in the US, there are no laws that require a business to do so.

    Nevertheless, be aware that initiating such a process without being forced to do so by law can be highly beneficial. It shows your commitment to environmental issues, and it also protects you from greenwashing - the carbon footprint shows that you are making concrete improvements, and that you are transparent about your carbon footprint.

    In addition, regulations are expected to take place and effect companies in the coming years.

  • Is there any sort of financial help that can support my company in calculating its carbon footprint?

    Many government agencies and entities offer grants.
    Since February 2021, the carbon footprint of companies can be reimbursed by up to 80% by [ADEME].

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