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Octoplus and Greenly have teamed up to offer customers a wide range of consulting and technology services to help companies improve cost analysis and reduce their carbon footprint.




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Consulting in Cost Analysis and CO2 Footprint

Octoplus support their clients in improving their operational performance by increasing the maturity of their teams in the fact based management of costs and the monitoring of the carbon footprint of purchased products.

Octoplus has developed a unique digital operational platform enabling to deploy a gap to should price approach and CO2 emissions measurement by purchased product.

This current system involves:

- A calculation of CO2 emissions either from part cost analysis or automated based on imports of data for materials and CO2 models per product segment

- A supplier declaration portal to collect emission factors, energy consumptions, plant specificities

- An monetary extrapolation function to build a reporting for 100% of the scope analysed

- A cost modelling software

All the expertises: CO2 measurement, Costing, Purchasing, Performance improvment, Cost modelling, CO2 modelling, carbon footprint.

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