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Quick Carbon Calculator

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Get a quick and easy overview of your company’s emissions

Our calculator is a free 5-minute assessment of your CO2 emissions. Whether you're a small business or a large corporation, it’s the perfect tool for gaining insight into your environmental impact.

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Why should I calculate my company's emissions ?

Respect the Paris Agreement

Companies’ engagement is a pre-requisite to stay below +1,5°C.

Comply with regulations

More and more companies are legally required to do a carbon assessment.


A lot of companies require carbon footprint reports from their suppliers.

Obtain a Certification

Measuring your emissions is the foundation towards certifications like B Corp and Ecovadis.

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Greenly provides these free tools to help you better understand the carbon footprint of your company and your legal obligations regarding it.

Legislation Checker

Make sure you align with global carbon assessment standards.