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Companies that are making the world a better place

With over 2000 clients, Greenly manages more than 40 million tons of CO2 equivalent, which is approximately 8% of French emissions. Amidst new worldwide regulations and current situation requirements, an increasing number of companies are taking the step to conduct a Greenhouse Gas Inventory (GHG Inventory) in order to reduce their footprint.

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clients have already committed to the climate with Greenly


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Case Study


Today, we are proud to announce that we have finalized a complete audit with Greenly!

Carbon Accounting®

This report acts as an example of a Greenly Manufacturing Carbon Footprint Report!

Carbon Accounting®
Case Study

SFA Group

Today, we are proud to announce that we have finalized a complete audit with Greenly in order to take concrete climate action and limit our identified emissions!

Case Study

Green Label Coalition

"Greenly provided us with a real science approach, unraveling the complexities of sustainability in our industry. Their dedication to transparent research allowed us to make informed decisions about our environmental impact.”

Case Study


"Born of our DNA and a strong demand from our customers, the Life Cycle Assessment carried out with Greenly on our standard and recycled Kimya PETG filaments makes it possible to transparently inform users about the environmental impact of the materials they use, in order to encourage them to choose more environmentally-friendly alternatives" - Benoît Stoeux - Kimya CEO

Case Study


When FRAISA contacted Greenly, its objective was to carry out its first GHG assessment simply and to evaluate the share that its different activities could have in the carbon footprint. FRAISA earns its first badge towards its Net Zero trajectory!

Case Study


Kalray contacted Greenly when they decided it was time to conduct their first GHG assessment. They wanted to get the whole business involved in the process of reducing their emissions and lowering their carbon footprint. Today, Kalray has earned its first badge towards its Net Zero trajectory!