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What does carbon neutral mean?

Carbon neutral means that the total sum of emissions generated by an entity are offset, through means of reducing them or by compensating for them through various offsetting or emissions absorption projects. 


How can I get on track to be carbon neutral? 

To qualify as carbon neutral, a business or organization has to also take into account emissions generated by its suppliers, as well as emissions generated by the use of their product or service. Carbon neutrality can be achieved first through a carbon assessment which calculates your carbon footprint. Then, after taking the necessary carbon management reduction actions, a company can begin exploring the possibilities for offsetting their remaining emissions. 


What’s the difference between carbon neutral and Net Zero?

It is important to distinguish carbon neutral from Net Zero, two terms which can be easily confused: 

  • Net Zero specifically emphasizes reducing emissions to the greatest extent possible, and only using offsetting as a last resort
  • Carbon neutral also means the organization compensates for its carbon produced, but this can be achieved through various offsetting projects or purchasing of carbon credits, and does not necessarily imply the reduction of all possible emissions. ​​On its own, carbon neutral won’t keep the world under the 1.5°C target, set by the 2015 Paris Agreement.


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