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Your Carbon Footprint

To start your net zero transition


  • Access to the Greenly platform
  • Your auditable GHG report
  • Support from a dedicated climate expert
  • Access to training resources
  • Physical analysis
  • Employee training
  • Sector benchmark
  • Personalized action plan and trajectory
  • Contribution Project marketplace
  • Catalog of committed suppliers
  • Suppliers scoring and engagement


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I have other questions

  • Does Greenly take physical and monetary flows into account ?

    The accounting export file will allow us to obtain conversions of £ into CO2 via the ADEME emissions factors. When we have identified items with high emission factors, we will complete them with physical quantity measurements and work with more physical data from your organization (MW...)

  • What are your certifications ?

    We are certified by ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency), GreenHouse Gas Protocol (global equivalent), and CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project). We are also certified by GreenTech Innovation and by the Ministry of Ecological Transition. Recently, our solution was awarded the Science Based Targets label.

  • Why does the price of a carbon assessment vary depending on the sector of activity ?

    The price of a carbon assessment varies according to its level of difficulty. Some sectors of activity are more difficult to analyze than others in terms of environmental impact.

  • Has Greenly's methodology been approved by a scientific committee ?

    Yes, Greenly's Scientific Council is made up of about ten people: experts in the field of climate, economists, but also members of civil society who are willing to support the structure in developing its solution.

  • Is the data provided by clients secure ?

    Yes, a security insurance plan is available in our appendix. Additionally:
- an audit (now closed) has been conducted by the CNIL (Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés);
- we have already been evaluated by many banking clients (BNP, RCI Bank); 

    - Greenly employees are trained in security rules via the Qontrol platform.

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