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For Greenly customers - Wecandoo and Greenly, sharing the same values, are joining forces to enable businesses to make a commitment to a more sustainable world. πŸ’š




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Craftsmanship at your fingertips 🀲

Rediscovering the art of handmade craftsmanship means taking a moment for yourself and sharing a unique experience with passionate and dedicated experts. Their mission is simple: they offer a wide range of workshop formats so that you can connect with their experts, feel the magic of crafting something from scratch and proudly take your creation home!

Every morning, they wake up with a burning desire to support artisans in their daily lives. They assist them in creating workshops, setting prices, capturing stunning photos and videos, optimising schedules and enhancing communication. They also provide entrepreneurship training, organise engaging events and webinars and empower them to generate additional income. To foster connections between artisans, They've even introduced a virtual currency called Can Doo.

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