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🚀 Greenly Raises a $52 Million Series B to Drive Widespread Adoption of Emissions Reporting Amidst Regulatory Push!

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True Limited and Greenly are teaming up to help companies measure and reduce their carbon emissions and achieve a net zero trajectory, combining technology and consulting!




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Technology-led sustainability consulting and reporting business.

 True is a leading sustainability consulting and reporting business, leveraging technology to offer insights and partnerships for firms at any stage of their sustainability journey. As a trusted advisor, True is dedicated to creating value through improved sustainability outcomes for businesses, investments, and the planet.

We’ve been impressed with the responsiveness of the Greenly team in supporting us and feel the tool is enabling our clients to make more progress on reducing their carbon footprints, rather than getting tied up in data. With the breadth of client types and industries we advise, it is useful to have reliable and knowledgeable partners like Greenly and a sophisticated yet simple to use tool so that we can continue to provide advice informed by data and materiality.
Michelle Ryan
Director and Chief Sustainability Officer.

How we work with this partner?

  • As a leading advisory on sustainability, climate and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risk, True Limited enables businesses to create value through better sustainability outcomes. Their advisory team acts as a complementary service to Greenly’s offering. 
  • Greenly’s offering is well-positioned to support True Limited’s clients with their GHG reporting needs, so they can get a complete picture of their organization’s footprint without the hassle of spreadsheets
  • Through close connection with our partnership, delivery, and climate expert team, we are able to offer a comprehensive solution for our joint clients.

Ongoing results

Through our joint offering, we're consistently driving tangible outcomes, empowering businesses to navigate the complex landscape of carbon management with ease and efficiency. Our approach not only ensures compliance with regulatory standards but also fosters sustainable practices that resonate with our clients' values and objectives. As a result, we're witnessing a paradigm shift towards enhanced environmental stewardship and operational excellence, underscoring the transformative impact of our collaborative solution in the realm of carbon management.

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