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Discover Laëtitia Vanderswalmen

Laetitia works alongside Greenly's customers on both carbon assessment assignments and specific studies. Its support in all phases of building a climate strategy, including employee engagement issues, makes it a key partner for Greenly.




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Types of clients

Energy Transition Consulting and Carbon Audit

An energy engineer by training, with 7 years' experience working for companies, Laetitia can help you make your energy transition as an independent consultant Her offer breaks down into 2 categories:

1. Simple support :

- Raising your teams' awareness: Climate Frescoes and other energy awareness workshops.

- Energy and ecological transition audits: taking stock of your energy and ecological practices and advising you on appropriate solutions.

2. Long-term support :

- Carbon assessment: measure the carbon footprint of your activities and set up a strategic action plan.

- Other action plans linked to your energy efficiency or mobility (search for financing, implementation of actions).

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