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Carbonfuture and Greenly have joined forces to offer Greenly's large network of over 1,500 business customers access the most extensive portfolio of high-quality, durable carbon removal credits available in the market. 




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Carbonfuture is the trust infrastructure for durable carbon removal.

As the Trust Infrastructure for durable carbon removal, Carbonfuture has created the essential technological infrastructure that makes carbon removal trustworthy and scalable.  Carbonfuture enables businesses to address their carbon footprint by procuring high-quality, durable carbon removal credits. All credits available on the Carbonfuture Marketplace have undergone a rigorous due diligence and tracking process, certified by established third-party Standards, ensuring their quality and trustworthiness. With Carbonfuture's due diligence, tracking, and third-party certification processes, Greenly's customers can confidently invest in carbon removal projects, knowing that they are contributing to genuine and lasting carbon removal. This partnership empowers businesses not only to measure their carbon emissions but to take meaningful and immediate action towards net-zero.

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