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Guide your portfolio companies on their sustainable transition

Many firms measure and reduce the CO2 emissions of their portfolio companies with Greenly. You too can make your companies' climate commitment a competitive advantage.

Gabriella Rocco
Impact & Sustainability associate

To comply with regulations and carbon disclosure standards

Our climate engineers are here to guide you and help you understand them all

Helping the financial industry decarbonise their portfolio emissions

Private Equity, Private Debt, Infrastructure Funds, Family Office & Holding, Venture Capital, Asset Manager

You have the power to eliminate up to 30% of your CO2 emissions.

Should you take action?

Only 12% of investment funds are embarking on this carbon accounting process due to time constraints.

Crush the competition

Implementing a carbon reduction strategy will allow you to borrow at a better rate, win tenders, markets and talents.

Regulatory requirements

Get ahead of regulations to come that will soon effect financial institutions.

The all-in-one solution to manage your ESG strategy

Analyze your portfolio's emissions

Get a complete picture (Scope 1, 2 and 3) of your emissions and those of your portfolio with our all-in-one solution, based on a robust carbon finance methodology and Greenly's multi-sector expertise.

Improve your environmental impact

Engage your portfolio, benefit from centralized tracking of C02 emissions and build a reduction strategy based on ambitious KPIs.

Quality compliance for investors

Regulations are complex, but reporting must be kept simple. Our climate experts can help you navigate the evolving landscape of disclosure frameworks, including generating audit-ready reports when you need them.

Communicate your progress

Consistently communicate sustainability practices and non-financial performance at the portfolio level to LPs and other stakeholders.

Carbon management, a solution for everyone

For your portfolio and holdings

Rise awareness on the key principles of carbon reduction, and help your portfolio realise the impact of their own reduction strategy.

For your investment firm

Build on your ESG approach by integrating an environmental component, and set a carbon reduction target for your portfolio in order to be part of a Net Zero trajectory.

For the planet

Curb global warming and make your business more sustainable by contributing to the fight against climate change.

Why choose Greenlyfor your business

An approach designed with your teams in mind

We get your employees involved through custom sustainability training from our climate experts and survey their habits to create the most accurate carbon footprint report possible.

It takes 55% less effort with Greenly

Our platform reduces the effort required to carry out a carbon assessment, allowing you to focus on your strategic action plans for reducing emissions.

You don't have to be an expert to get started

From the very beginning, our team of climate experts will guide you step-by-step through this journey, ultimately making you a true sustainability expert.

Dedicated climate experts for your business

Matthieu Vegreville Co-founder, polytechnician, SME portfolio expert.

Schedule a call

Here, we talk about investing, impact, and transition

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