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Tenth Revolution Group carries out its Carbon Footprint with Greenly

Today, we are proud to announce that we have finalized a complete audit with Greenly in order to take concrete climate action and limit our identified emissions!


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Utilizing available data enables you to identify hotspots and areas for improvement and take meaningful action promptly. Sustainability is of paramount importance, and small steps taken sooner rather than later can lead to substantial positive outcomes.
Elle Parker
Global Sustainability Strategy Lead at Tenth Revolution Group.

What can you tell us about your company? 🔍

Tenth Revolution Group is the global leader in cloud talent solutions, uniquely equipped to deliver digital transformation through people. We provide a unified cloud talent pipeline through our portfolio of specialist technology recruitment experts and talent creation brands.

I am Elle Parker, the Global Sustainability Strategy Lead at Tenth Revolution Group. In this role, I oversee the sustainability strategy and carbon reduction initiatives for our entire group, including Frank Recruitment Group, Revolent, and Rebura.

Why did you carry out a carbon assessment?

Our commitment to sustainability has been evident through our internal reporting of Scope 1 and 2 emissions since 2018. However, we recognized the need to comprehensively address Scope 3 emissions—a substantial component of our carbon footprint. In 2022, we partnered with Greenly to gain a holistic understanding of our emissions. This decision was partly influenced by industry leaders such as Microsoft and Salesforce, who emphasize the importance of working with eco-conscious partners, making it essential for us to be well-prepared for inquiries regarding our environmental efforts. 

Regarding regulations, is this something that you also are trying to anticipate?

In line with our proactive approach, we are preparing for forthcoming regulations that will impact our business operations. Voluntary reporting is an essential step for us, ensuring we align ourselves with emerging environmental standards.

Why Greenly?

Choosing to work with Greenly for our carbon assessment was a well-informed decision. Our interactions with Greenly's Account Executive, Theo, and Account Manager, Martin, were highly productive, and we had full confidence in their abilities to support our goals. Their expertise, coupled with the user-friendly platform, made Greenly a fitting choice. Plus, Greenly's focus on the technology sector meant there was a strong affinity with our industry, further solidifying our choice. 

What are the main lessons you have learned from this carbon assessment?

Our carbon assessment with Greenly helped us to identify the prominence of Scope 3 emissions across our organization, with business travel being a notable contributor. While this insight wasn't entirely unexpected, the extent of Scope 3 emissions (constituting approximately 94%) was eye-opening. The assessment also highlighted our digital footprint, pointing to areas that warrant further exploration and mitigation. 

Short-, Medium-, and Long-term Outlook: Our objective is to leverage the action plans recommended by Greenly to reduce emissions, in collaboration with their climate expert, Quentin, as we work on a Science-Based-Target reduction plan. These actions will pave the way for a more sustainable future for our business.

Impact Within and Outside the Company: Externally, we've observed an increased emphasis on sustainability in customer bids and tenders. The questions posed by customers, particularly regarding our sustainability efforts, have grown in frequency and significance. Furthermore, our investors, as private equity stakeholders, now request annual ESG reports. Internally, our employees are telling us that sustainability is important to them, with 70%  saying it is important to them that we are a socially and environmentally sustainable business in our latest employee survey. This growing emphasis on sustainability among customers, vendors, investors, and our employees underscores its rising importance.

What would you say to a hesitant company?

To companies hesitant about embarking on a carbon footprint analysis, I urge you to initiate the process. Starting may seem daunting, but it provides a holistic view of your carbon footprint, pinpointing key areas for improvement. Utilizing available data enables you to identify hotspots and areas for improvement and take meaningful action promptly. Sustainability is of paramount importance, and small steps taken sooner rather than later can lead to substantial positive outcomes.

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