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Greenly, la plateforme tout-en-un dédiée à toutes les entreprises désireuses de mesurer, piloter et réduire leurs émissions de CO2.
GreenlyGreenly, la plateforme tout-en-un dédiée à toutes les entreprises désireuses de mesurer, piloter et réduire leurs émissions de CO2.
Greenly Rebranding: The Movement Accelerates
Blog...Greenly Rebranding: The Movement Accelerates

Greenly Rebranding: The Movement Accelerates

greenly logo with dark green background
Greenly is 3 years old. Greenly is getting a makeover. And under the rebranding painting, the gem of the Green Tech world comes in the spotlight.
greenly logo with dark green background

It’s all in the title. Greenly is now three years old, and is about to initiate a new chapter in its growth, filled with determination. At a time when the climate emergency obliges us, without any concession, to the success of our bet. 

In this context, we had to reaffirm our identity. Three years after the creation of Greenly, our project has evolved because of its fulfillment on the market, but also because of the progression of our thought process. 

We know ourselves better. And we wanted to share the fruits of this reflection with people.

Greenly is 3 years old

An objective: clarification

There was no question of changing Greenly’s identity. Nor does a person ever change his or her identity. Individuals and businesses, however, mature throughout their lives.

For us, the challenge was to clarify our message and our positioning in order to support companies instead, as the app was originally intended for individuals three years ago. 

Our project evolved on its own, but it was not the only one. Between 2019 and 2022, the world in which it operates - not to mention its short-, medium- and long-term perspectives - has also changed.

3 years of existence. 3 years to act.

Greenly was only born three years ago but for us – it seems like yesterday.

This parallel has alarmed us: it is definitely not the time to reflect. Action is needed, and Greenly’s message must grow in impact to spread more widely and faster.

The rebranding made in Greenly. What's the result?

Greenly's golden circle


Greenly gives businesses of all sizes and sectors the keys to their transition to a sustainable world.

We believe that the ecological transition and the fight against global warming is a collective action from which no one should be excluded. Otherwise, success will not be there.

In this context, Greenly gives any company the opportunity to contribute, regardless of its budget or its activity.


Greenly allows any structure to get informed, understand, and manage its greenhouse gas emissions.

We are convinced that many companies want to commit themselves to environmental protection. And we are also convinced that, more often than not, they do not have the information they need to do so.

This is why Greenly works to democratize this information, through a platform that is both innovative and intuitive.

One objective: to offer any company the opportunity to understand the nature of its environmental impact, its causes and the solutions to reduce it.


Greenly is actively fighting against global warming, by offering structures wishing to do the same to measure and reduce their carbon footprint via an all-in-one platform. 

The carbon footprint is a first step. But the range of tools available to understand its carbon footprint and reduce it is much broader than that (supplier engagement, employee training, Green IT, life cycle analysis, etc.).

For this reason, we want our customers to be able to handle all these tools in the simplest way and without having to multiply the number of contacts.

This led to the creation of an all-in-one platform, allowing us to learn about its carbon impact, monitor it, analyze it and develop a long-term strategy.


Greenly's colors

Two shades of green for motivation and scientific rigor

We know where we came from. The genesis of our project is linked to the urgent need to protect the environment and fight against global warming.

This is our primary motivation and it will remain so. For this reason, we would not have given up our signature color. Bruno's Agency – whom we trusted to carry out our complete rebranding – understood this well.

This green color so precious to our hearts will however come in two shades…

The clearest will translate energy and positivity. It is the one we carry in each of us at Greenly. The one that dictates our ambition: to be an integral part of the solution.

The darkest will be the vector of expertise, rigor and science. The foundation of our support, because we are experts at the service of those who want to do better and contribute to the creation of a more sustainable and responsible world.

Think of the difference between thrift shopping and going to a department store as the difference between going on a trip for vacation or for business. On a business trip, everything you are going to do is mapped out and calculated with a very specific purpose and end-goal in mind. On the other hand, going on vacation is more spontaneous and you often don’t have a set plan – but rather are enticed by where the free days will take you. Thrift shopping is just like going on vacation, it’s more for pleasure than it is for finding a specific item to buy. 

There are also several benefits to those who opt for thrift shopping instead – what are they?

A touch of black for the method  

We know our strengths. The technology we have developed is our strength, because without it, we would never have been able to develop a solution of this precision, so easily accessible to any company.

This is the Greenly method. Our trademark. Hence the choice of this black tech. 

We were born from this alliance between digital science and climate science. Two worlds that we have reconciled, in order to create the tools necessary and adapted to the transition of our economy to an eco-responsible model, less emissive, but certainly not less profitable.

An ounce of white for the mantra

We value our uniqueness. At the time of Greenly’s birth, carbon reporting was still a nebulous process, full of jargon that only a few knew.

Our goal was to become true educators. Climate experts at the service of our clients, for whom the management of the carbon footprint had to become as bright as the white we now wear. 💡

Climate science is complex, but it’s not inaccessible, if you take the time to explain it. This is a task that all of our teams tackle every day.

The Greenly Touch

We broke the codes.

Before the digitalization of the carbon assessment we worked on, solutions to measure its environmental impact as a company were proving to be laborious, time-consuming, and costly.

By facilitating the data collection process and automating the carbon reporting, this service, once reserved for large companies, has suddenly become accessible to as many people as possible. Better: to any and all structures that showed a desire to act. 

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