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Greenly, la plateforme tout-en-un dédiée à toutes les entreprises désireuses de mesurer, piloter et réduire leurs émissions de CO2.
GreenlyGreenly, la plateforme tout-en-un dédiée à toutes les entreprises désireuses de mesurer, piloter et réduire leurs émissions de CO2.
Why are Modular Kitchens a Sustainable Choice for Food Providers?
Blog...Why are Modular Kitchens a Sustainable Choice for Food Providers?

Why are Modular Kitchens a Sustainable Choice for Food Providers?

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architect drawing up plans
How can factory-built modular kitchens help hotels, resorts, and restaurateurs improve and reduce their carbon emissions and promote sustainability?
Ecology News
architect drawing up plans

Sustainability is becoming all the rage as people try and find ways to reduce their environmental impact.

Sustainable efforts like modular construction are sustainable due to their methods of fabrication which help to reduce waste, water consumption, and even improve energy efficiency.

Modular construction can be used in even the most day to day circumstances, like commercial kitchens –  help people to reduce their carbon footprint only on a daily basis without a second thought.

👉 In this article, we'll explain how can factory-built modular kitchens help hotels, resorts, and restaurateurs improve and reduce their carbon emissions and promote sustainability?

What is modular construction?

Modular construction is the method of manufacturing buildings offsite with strict regulations, while still pertaining to the same necessary building codes that would be done so otherwise under normal constructional circumstances.

As a result, the building is made in pieces or small components, ergo where the term “modules” arises from – and these smaller parts of the building are then taken to the construction site and assembled together.

As a result, the building is made in pieces or small components, ergo where the term “modules” arises from – and these smaller parts of the building are then taken to the construction site and assembled together.
modular "lego" buildings

Think of modular construction like finishing a lego set: instead of doing the entire thing in one sitting, you sit and complete the smaller components on the side – before taking all of your smaller, finished pieces to the overall lego project and finishing your overall lego masterpiece.

👉 Modular construction has grown in popularity since it results in a faster turnaround time, reduces building costs, and ultimately increases efficiency in the building process.

modern kitchen

What are the two types of modular construction?

There are two different types of modular construction:

  • Permanent Modular Construction, otherwise known as PMC;
  • Relocatable Buildings, or RB for short.
‍The main difference between these two types of modular construction is that Permanent Modular Construction is completed with the intent of long-term or permanent use, as is often made from materials such as wood, steel, or concrete to solidify this intent.

On the other hand, Relocatable buildings are often made with the intention of them to be transported or “relocated” at a later date. Therefore, Relocatable Buildings are often made with more lightweight materials

What are the benefits of modular construction?

The benefits of modular construction are that regardless of which type of modular construction is chosen to complete a building project, modular construction ultimately saves time, mitigates waste, and increases efficiency.

In fact, modular construction is completed up to 50% faster than normal construction projects – as weather delays do not hinder the progress of a modular construction project, since up to 90% of modular buildings are manufactured in pieces offsite in an indoor factory.

Modular construction also helps to reduce waste, as nearly 40% of landfill comes from traditional construction – this sustainable method of building can help reduce waste by up to 90%.

Since each individual piece is constructed separately, buildings manufactured through modular construction are often more durable while also remaining flexible. In other words, since a modular building can be taken apart easily – relocating isn’t a difficult task.

Both North America and Europe are beginning to recognize the utility of modular construction – with the U.S. market for modular construction set to reach a value of $53 billion, and a value of $49 billion USD in Europe by 2030.

Modular construction isn’t only growing in value, but it can save the owner of the project a lot of money – as modular construction can result in up to 30% in savings in comparison to traditional construction projects.

In addition to saving time and growing rapidly in value amongst the market, modular construction contributes to sustainability by preserving large amounts of water. Since the process for modular construction is ultimately more efficient, less water is necessary to aid in the process – and can be up to 30% more efficient when using water as opposed to traditional construction methods.

For example, modular construction can help to reduce water consumption with materials such as wood – as modular construction allows for the parts of the building made of wood to be manufactured with greater individual attention, and can ultimately allow the wood to absorb less water.

Modular construction is clearly the future of construction as we move towards a more sustainable world, but how can ContekPro help?

question mark on window

What about ContekPro?

As people return to their social ways following the Covid-19 pandemic, old businesses are booming – and even new ones are opening. ContekPro can help these businesses to build modular kitchens and allign with their current climate strategies.

💡 Commercial kitchens for professionals usually result in excessive waste, time, and energy – but our friends at ContekPro have decided to help businesses make the right, sustainable choice by providing factory-built modular commercial kitchens for places like hotels, resorts, quick service restaurants, and even ghost kitchens through the use of modular construction.

ContekPro has carefully crafted a knowledgeable team to develop gorgeous but energy efficient and sustainable kitchens with a fast turnaround time without compromising quality – which has helped them earn their tagline as one of the top modular kitchen manufacturers in the United States.

Modular kitchens can provide these businesses with a wide array of benefits. For instance, in addition to their sustainable manufacturing, ContekPro’s units are very well insulated, and as a result – they can prove to be more energy efficient than traditional mortar or brick commercial kitchens. They also offer services for exterior finishes and manufacture support units – such as restrooms, walk-in coolers, freezers, and bars.

There are several reasons why ContekPro is a great choice if you’re a business looking for a sustainable alternative to brick and mortar commercial kitchens. For starters, they are dedicated to providing their customers with the best experience possible – and are devoted to assisting their clients every step of the way from design to delivery and installation.

👉 ContekPro strives to design and manufacture off-site efficient and sustainable kitchens for commercialized purposes that help empower food services. ContekPro does this by creating energy efficient kitchen designs that perform just as well as the common brick and mortar kitchen.

How does Greenly support ContekPro’s offering?

At Greenly, we support any measures taken towards sustainability and reducing emissions to aid in the fight against climate change.

ContekPro offers a sustainable alternative to traditional brick and mortar commercial kitchens, which can help new and existing businesses implement the sustainability necessary to provoke environmental change.

Food and hospitality services that choose modular construction are making a clear, excellent preliminary measure to take in terms of sustainability – but no sustainable effort is 100% effective without doing a carbon assessment.

In order for one to truly begin reducing their carbon footprint, it’s essential to understand the root causes of one’s excessive emissions in order to implement a personalized plan that will prove most successful to reduce those emissions.  

👉 Without knowing the amount of carbon emissions one is responsible for, it is next to impossible to create a successful strategy.


Why should you care about sustainability?

As climate change continues to worsen, everyone should recognize the importance of sustainability.

Changing our daily actions to become more sustainable, like using a reusable water bottle or shopping bag, can make a big difference in reducing our use of plastic – which for instance, easily ends the ocean and impacts ocean life and biodiversity. Small actions like these, while on the surface, can seem trite, ultimately better the quality of our lives as they help to reduce carbon emissions, waste, and preserve the natural resources necessary for future generations to thrive.

Nevertheless, if you’re running a business – sustainability is imperative if you want to find investors and customers to advocate for your product or service. More and more third-parties are beginning to recognize the importance of sustainability, and if companies don’t catch on to the trend – they could easily be left behind.

The world is already running low on vital resources, so adjusting to sustainable efforts now can help ease everyone into a transition that will soon become compulsory for survival.

Sustainability doesn’t have to be difficult, and that’s why so many people choose to improve the structure in their homes to employ sustainable elements into their lives.

What about Greenly? 

If reading this article about modular kitchens has made you interested in reducing your carbon emissions to further fight against climate change – Greenly can help you!

At Greenly we can help you to assess your company’s carbon footprint, and then give you the tools you need to cut down on emissions. We offer a free demo for you to better understand our platform and all that it has to offer – including assistance with boosting supplier engagement, personalized assistance, and new ways to involve your employees.

Click here to learn more about Greenly and how we can help you reduce your carbon footprint.

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