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Environmental Justice: Biden grants $550 Million for the EJ TCGM

How does the Biden administration’s grant of $550 million for the EJ TCGM, or the Environmental Justice Thriving Communities Grantmaking Program, help to encourage reduced emissions, greater sustainability, and promote environmental justice?
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The Biden administration has shown several times over the past year how dedicated they are in the fight against climate change, such as with the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 that has helped allocate funds for the transition towards clean energy, and the Biden administration has expressed their commitment to environmental justice again by granting over $550 million dollars for the EJ TCGM – or the Environmental Justice Thriving Communities Grantmaking Program. 

👉 How does the Biden administration’s newest donation garnered towards environmental justice for the EJ TCGM, or the Environmental Justice Thriving Communities Grantmaking Program, help the country inch closer towards reduced emissions, gain greater sustainability, and further promote environmental justice?

What is Environmental Justice? 

It’s easy to refer to environmental justice as any act that serves as an effort to improve any poor environmental circumstance, but the definition of environmental justice is more polished than most may realize. 

According to the EPA, who work in conjunction with programs dedicated towards promoting environmental justice – EJ, or environmental justice, is defined as equal and meaningful treatment for all people to be protected from environmental circumstances – despite their race, color, place of birth, socio-economic class, or how well environmental laws or policies are enforced or regulated.

Specifically, the fair treatment component of environmental justice refers to the values depicted in DEI, or Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – where no burden provoked by climate change should be placed too heavily on one group of people’s shoulders. For example, if there is an environmental crisis occurring, no single group should be subject to the negative effects – but rather, the responsibility should be split between governmental, industrial, and commercial groups that aided in the creation of that environmental disaster. 

Environmental Justice also means seeking to ensure that people have the ability to contribute to the decisions that may have a direct impact on their health or the surrounding environment, valuing the public’s opinion on the ultimate decision of a potential environmental regulation, addressing concerns of the community while developing climate legislation, and those in control of the final decision making process to take into account how future regulations will impact those potentially affected by the administrative changes.

Overall, environmental justice isn’t as concerned about seeking reform for the planet – but for the people that continue to be impacted by the negative impacts of climate change.

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What is the EJ TCGM?

The EJ TCGM, or the Environmental Justice Thriving Communities Grantmaking Program, is a program designed to procure different grantmakers across the country in order to avoid obstacles in applications for federal grants. Ultimately, the EJ TCGM is supposed to support and facilitate the process for those seeking grants that will help to improve and promote environmental justice. 

EJ TCGM works by seeking the assistance of grantmakers, who work to create an application and submission process to later award potential grants garnered towards environmental justice. Following the submission process, a tracking system will be implemented in partnership with the EPA, or the Environmental Protection Agency, in order to ensure that the potential grants and resources are provided to the communities most impacted by the effects of climate change. 

Clearly, it would be beneficial to join forces with the EJ TCGM – but not all organizations are eligible to do so. Parties seeking to join the EJ TCGM as a grantmaker must serve a nonprofit organization based in their respective communities, and engage in a partnership with a Tribal government which is also community-based, classifies as a non-profit organization, and approved of by the federal government. Lastly, those seeking to join the EJ TCGM and become a grantmaker to promote environmental justice is to curate a partnership with either an institution for higher education (such as a college or university) and/or with another nonprofit organization dedicated towards reform in their own communities. 

Besides the selfless act of seeking to ensure that resources are provided for those in need of environmental justice, why else would various entities want to become a grantmaker for the EJ TCGM?

Why is environmental justice pivotal in the fight against climate change?

Just like any other type of predicament, it is easy to see solving an issue as tackling the source of the problem head on – in this case, with climate change motivating companies to reduce emissions and nothing more. However, seeking to encourage other forms of environmental positivity such as sustainability and environmental justice can help everyone achieve their emission reduction goals faster than intended whilst still promoting a pivotal value.

Think of environmental justice in the same way as someone training for a marathon. Of course, it is essential for that person to build up their stamina when running and to practice through various types of endurance training while preparing to run for the marathon – but all of those workouts will be futile if the runner doesn’t supplement it with other vital tactics such as healthy eating and getting enough sleep.

The same goes for environmental justice in the fight against climate change, seeing as it would be next to impossible for communities to provide their support in rectifying the current environmental circumstances if their local communities are already burdened with financial strains due to previous catastrophic events presented to them due to climate change in the first place.

Ultimately, environmental justice can help to support other entities in their journeys to transitioning to the use of clean energy or becoming more sustainable – both essential if the U.S. wants to reduce emissions and strive towards net-zero targets.

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How will $550 million dollars help the EJ TCGM and promote environmental justice?

The $550 million dollars to be dedicated towards the EJ TCGM will come directly from the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, more commonly known as Biden’s climate bill which allocated billions of dollars towards environmental reform and the transition to the use of clean energy. 

Ultimately, the money provided by the Biden administration will help the EJ TCGM by providing up to eleven parties with the funds necessary to serve as grantmakers for projects supported by the Environmental Justice Thriving Communities Grantmaking Program dedicated towards reducing pollution or various positive environmental contributions. It’s difficult to become a grantmaker if there is a lack of financial resources to provide environmental grants for, meaning the $550 million dollars donated by the Biden administration will continue to fuel the main mission of the EJ TCGM and environmental justice to begin with – to create organizations aware of the importance of environmental justice and help them live a clean life free of the potentially harmful effects of climate change and pollution. 

This new program will allow new grantmakers to simplify their processes for applying to join forces with the EJ TCGM – permitting organizations who have long-awaited financial assistance for environmental matters to be granted these funds with ease. Think of an old radiator that hasn’t been cleaned in years: trapped with mountains of dust bunnies which keep the heat from escaping the radiator. If the radiator is cleaned, it will allow heat to escape more easily and ultimately warm the rest of the room without using more energy. The $550 million dollar grant provided for the EJ TCGM on behalf of the Biden administration will work in the exact same way – it will allow funding and grantmakers to facilitate environmental change and promote environmental justice more easily. 

In addition to this, the new grant provided by the Biden-Harris Administration also helps to further depict their mission statement in regards to the environment: where Biden’s team seems determined to cultivate meaningful partnerships with various communities dedicated towards environmental justice.

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How has Biden’s team approached rectifying climate change?

Biden granting $550 million dollars for the EJ TCGM isn’t the first act of environmental justice to be taken, lately – as several efforts have been made to seek environmental justice and protect the planet against further harm due to the negative effects of climate change. For instance, the Roadless Rule has recently been appealed in order to protect the Tongass National Forest and prevent the need for reforestation by banning the ability to build new logging or roads in the area. Construction is also known to create excessive carbon emissions, and those previously proposed accommodations for tourists would have further polluted the surrounding areas in the Tongass National Forest and impacted biodiversity

👉How else has the Biden administration tried to show their dedication in the fight against climate change?

The Biden administration is expected to step in and impose reduction measures on the Colorado River and help to preserve clean water sources. However, the most well-known environmental effort on behalf of the Biden administration is the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, which dedicated a massive $369 billion dollars towards the transition to clean energy and to motivate Amercians to purchase more energy efficient or eco-friendly products, cars, and household appliances. 

As a whole, the Biden Administration have demonstrated some of the most future-forward legislation garnered at achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 and promoting more sustainable measures and providing record-breaking funding across the country to overall reduce emissions – something necessary for the U.S., seeing at is the second largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions globally.
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Where else should the Biden administration seek environmental justice next besides the EJ TCGM?

Remember, environmental justice is defined as the right for everyone to be protected against the harmful effects of climate change and to create and employ any potential environmental regulations whilst keeping the safety and prosperity of those in the surrounding communities in mind. Therefore, there are still several places where environmental concerns can and should be listened to – and where the Biden administration can provide funding to facilitate those values, just as they made possible with the EJ TCGM. 

For instance, there are many schools (both public schools and institutes for higher education) that would be able to make use of funding to promote environmental justice. Many students, especially those a part of Gen Z more aware of the climate crisis than other generations may be due to social media – might petition to offer more sustainable snacks in the vending machines of their schools or purchase more energy efficient equipment. However, many schools across the country can’t afford to do this – meaning it is up to state or federal governments to allocate the financial resources necessary to make those petitions for environmental justice, such as those made by students, to become a reality. 

Ultimately, the financial contribution made by the Biden administration will help grantmakers in the Environmental Justice Thriving Communities Grantmaking Program to provide more funding for those awaiting these pivotal resources – and ensure that environmental justice is met.

What about Greenly? 

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