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Carbon contribution network developed by Greenly

Contribute to certified climate projects to better protect our future

Your contribution to certified climate projects encourages the expansion of renewable energy to help build a better future for everyone.

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Join the 800+ companies committed to fighting climate change

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Why are people talking negatively about carbon offsetting ?

The term “carbon offsetting” is gradually giving way to “carbon contribution”. It is a matter of not letting companies believe that they have a right to pollute on the pretext that they are financing carbon sequestration projects. Carbon contribution must be made after already having done what is necessary to reduce emissions. It is, in fact, to intervene on "residual" emissions - which cannot be avoided.

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Reduce your emissions now, and contribute to our future

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An extensive catalog of projects

We work with the most trusted contribution partners, so that you can make a significant contribution to protecting our planet.

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Total autonomy

Want to support a climate project? You can easily do it in just one click, on the platform, at any time.

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Certified for their impact

All the projects that we display on the platform are certified and meet our strict impact criteria.


The best brands help make the best decisions for our planet

Contribute in just one click

All of the climate projects presented on our platform are certified by our climate expert team. Financing them will allow you to contribute to global sustainability while protecting biodiversity, improving the quality of life of certain populations, and more.

Follow your projects

Our partner projects are carefully selected because we are committed to supporting them over the long term. Our selection criteria is based off of decarbonization potential and the environmental impact of these projects.

Influence others to act

We want this approach to be inspiring. So we provide you with project certificates to promote your contribution and to help encourage as many companies as possible to join the fight against climate change.

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All of our climate projects are certified

By contributing to carbon neutrality projects, you can make an impact well beyond the scope of your company.

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Project Plantation

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Project Afforestation - effort common

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Electromobility Project


The most robust and intuitive platform on the market !

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Greenly gives us access to a marketplace to make carbon contributions for the emissions we cannot reduce in order to enter a Net Zero trajectory. All projects are certified, which means that they are audited, measurable, each euro really contributes to avoid emissions, and labeled by independent entities.
Manuel Cornet
President in charge of talent and strategic animation at Nouvelle Vague

Still have questions?

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  • Carbon compensation or carbon contribution?

    Broadly speaking, these two terms are similar. Whether one "contributes" to the goal of carbon neutrality or "offsets" one's carbon footprint, the idea is to finance carbon reduction or sequestration projects.

    Until now, the term "carbon contribution" has not been widely used, but it is now taking precedence over the term "carbon offset". The reason for this change? A question of semantics, really. In fact, it would be misleading to instill in the minds of individuals and professionals that we can solve the issue of our emissions by simply "offsetting" our real emissions with hypothetical future absorptions. Right now, we need to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions before offsetting our residual emissions - that is, the ones we really can't avoid.

  • How to contribute to carbon neutrality with Greenly ?

    In order to help you in your carbon contribution process, Greenly makes things easier for you. How? By offering you a vast catalog of carbon contribution projects to support via our platform. In this way, you can manage your carbon contribution autonomously and decide at any time to support the project of your choice in a few clicks.

  • Are Greenly's projects vetted and certified ?

    All the projects we submit to our clients have been carefully reviewed by our climate experts. Our goal is to ensure that these carbon contribution projects will allow you to participate significantly in the global objective of carbon neutrality.

    In concrete terms, these famous projects proposed via the Greenly platform must therefore achieve the highest level of certification (Low Carbon Label, VCS, etc.).

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