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Greenly launches the Net Zero Contributor Certification to encourage the decarbonization of the economy

Greenly, the leader in providing low-carbon solutions for enterprises, unveils its proprietary Net Zero Contributor Certification.
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Amidst rising scrutiny of carbon offsetting and carbon management practices, Greenly, the leader in providing low-carbon solutions for enterprises, unveils its proprietary Net Zero Contributor Certification. With a focus on transparency and methodological consistency, the label serves as an important instrument against greenwashing and meets growing customer demand for truly sustainable brands and products. 

A valuable tool in the fight against greenwashing

Greenly supports committed companies that aim to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable business model and to demonstrate this approach to the public. Unlike countries such as France, where greenwashing is punishable by two years in prison and a fine of up to 300,000 euros, no specific anti-greenwashing legislation currently exists in the UK. However, businesses falsely advertising products as ‘green’ or sustainable may be caught by existing laws including misrepresentation or consumer protection laws which prevent false advertising. Similarly, the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) can also penalize businesses for misleading adverts and the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has issued a Green Claims Code sets out action items to check that a company’s environmental claims are truly green. This is a highly complex subject, on which most organizations need support and guidance if they are to meet the ambitious objectives defined at an institutional level.

In this context, Greenly is launching its Net Zero Contributor Certified label, which testifies to the transparency and traceability of the company's environmental transition. More specifically, it certifies that its carbon dioxide emissions have been duly measured and then reduced to the minimum possible. In addition, the label created by Greenly certifies that these remaining CO2 emissions have been compensated for by financing approved offset projects. In this way, Greenly encourages companies to properly decarbonise their activity. This annual certification will support companies in their climate strategy and attest to the robustness of the decarbonization strategy of any organization aiming to develop a trajectory in line with the requirements of the Paris Agreement.

A certification which uses measurable data to ensure reliability

To arrive at a reliable assessment of a company’s environmental transition, as well as the reduction of its carbon footprint to the maximum possible, Greenly has embraced a transparent, data-driven approach.

For the time being, Greenly has limited the eligibility for its certification to companies that calculate their carbon footprint with the help of Greenly's teams, providing a consistent approach to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of the carbon accounting data presented. Companies wishing to obtain this label can work with Greenly to carry out a carbon footprint assessment.

What are the different steps required to obtain the certification?

  1. Read and agree with the ten principles of the Net Zero initiative
  2. Carry out a greenhouse gas baseline assessment
  3. Select action plans aligned with the Paris Agreement
  4. Emissions monitoring and annual publication
  5. Carbon contribution

A holistic approach to the climate change crisis

Keeping in mind the interdependent nature of the ecological cycle, Greenly insists that the participating companies’ employees and suppliers take part in the process. Indirect emissions from suppliers (scope 3 emissions) can represent 90% of a company's carbon footprint, hence the urgency of decarbonising their value chain. As for employees, the implementation of an internal awareness-raising process enables them to be involved in this process. 

Apart from the customized audit, the certification process is carried out in four stages aimed at simplifying the decarbonisation objective: measuring the emissions resulting from the firm’s activity, reducing said emissions by implementing an action plan validated by the Greenly teams and offsetting the residual emissions. Upon completion of these four steps, firms can ensure honest communication about their environmental transition with concerned partners.

By developing this certification based on reliable measurements and concrete actions, we want to make our contribution to the fight against greenwashing and promote organizations that are truly committed to decarbonization. The aim is to create a virtuous circle with a view to combating global warming and reducing emissions, Alexis Normand, CEO of Greenly.

About Greenly

Founded in October 2019 by Alexis Normand (CEO, former VP of Healthcare at Withings, HEC, Sciences Po, formerly at the Boston offices of Withings and Techstars), Mathieu Vergeville (CTO, X-Telecom, former data scientist at Withings) and Arnaud Delubac (CMO, Essec-Centrale, INSEE, formerly in charge of digital communication in the office of the French Prime Minister), Offspend SAS launched Greenly in January 2020 as the world’s first carbon accounting platform with almost 1,000 corporate clients in France, the UK and the US. The climate tech allows all enterprises, regardless of their size or sector of activity, to contribute to the fight against climate change, starting by simply tracking their CO2 emissions. Once a report is completed, Greenly helps them develop a roadmap to help them align themselves to a Net Zero Contributor Initiative. Greenly obtained the B-Corp label in September 2022, putting their solution at the disposal of society.

To learn more, visit / Follow Greenly on Twitter (@Greenly), Linkedin et Instagram

Contact Greenly

CEO & Co-Founder

Alexis Normand - +33 6 76 98 06 43 – [email protected]  

Greenly Press Relations

Jean-François Kitten - +33 6 11 29 30 28 - [email protected]  

Jérémy Cariddi - +33 7 66 39 75 99 - [email protected]  

Avtansh Behal - +33 7 69 53 08 25 - [email protected] 

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