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Greenly, la plateforme tout-en-un dédiée à toutes les entreprises désireuses de mesurer, piloter et réduire leurs émissions de CO2.
GreenlyGreenly, la plateforme tout-en-un dédiée à toutes les entreprises désireuses de mesurer, piloter et réduire leurs émissions de CO2.
Everything you need to know about Climate Strategy Ratings
Blog...Everything you need to know about Climate Strategy Ratings

Everything you need to know about Climate Strategy Ratings


A bit of context...

How Greenly Medals / Ratings Reward Corporate Success in Climate Strategy

Greenly, a leader in digital carbon footprint assessment and an expert in evaluating the climate performance of companies, has established a system of certificates and medals to acknowledge the maturity of companies in terms of climate strategy, from simply disclosing greenhouse gas emissions to implementing effective emission reductions. These distinctions are awarded to companies that meet specific eligibility criteria. In this article, we explore how these medals are awarded and what they represent for companies committed to ecological transition.

Recognition of Sincere and Sustainable Corporate Commitment

Greenly certificates and medals have been designed to showcase companies that stand out for their maturity in climate strategy. These distinctions are awarded based on the results of evaluations conducted by Greenly, and they are available to companies that meet specific eligibility criteria. There are four levels of recognition: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, with the latter reserved for the top 1% of companies that outperform their competitors in environmental performance.


GHG Report Compliance
The company demonstrates exemplary transparency regarding its emissions, and is committed to reducing them.

Regulatory Bilan Carbone scope 1, 2 & 3 calculations

Publication ADEME


Climate Action Ready
The company has set a decarbonization trajectory, defined action plans and committed its suppliers to following it

Advanced carbon footprint calculation

ADEME publication


Net Zero Contributor
The company has set quantified targets for reducing its emissions, quantifies the impact of its action plans, trains its employees and supports contribution projects

Short-term decarbonization strategy

Employee awareness

Climate contribution

Supplier commitment


Climate hero
The company has a proven track record of reducing emissions over a number of years, and represents a low-carbon alternative in its sector.

Long-term decarbonation projects

Ambitious responsible purchasing policy

Greenly's Methodology: Rigorous and Comprehensive Greenhouse Gas Assessment

A team of analysts and climate experts carefully examines the submission from the company as well as the documents justifying the stated commitments. Following this analysis, Greenly provides the company with a comprehensive report, along with the final score achieved.

Based on the obtained score, companies are awarded a medal corresponding to their environmental performance. Advancing to a higher level requires unlocking the preceding level:
- Bronze: for companies in the top 25% of evaluations (overall grade ≥C).

- Silver: for companies in the top 10% of evaluations (overall grade ≥B).

- Gold: for companies in the top 5% of evaluations (overall grade ≥A).

- Platinum: for companies in the top 1% of evaluations (overall grade ≥A+)

How is My Greenly Score Calculated?

The Greenly score aims to value the progress of companies at each stage of their carbon strategy: conducting and publishing the greenhouse gas assessment, engaging employees and suppliers, reducing emissions, and contributing to climate projects. Therefore, it serves as a measurement tool for the maturity of your carbon strategy.

As Greenly is committed to encouraging its clients to engage in emission measurement and reduction efforts, the maximum score is 100 points, distributed as follows:

This score is translated into a grade, ranging from E to A+, according to the following levels:

Recognition of Sincere and Sustainable Corporate Commitment

Aligning companies with the reduction trajectory defined by the 2016 Paris Climate Agreement has become a crucial issue for mitigating climate change. Greenly medals provide recognition to companies that have shown true commitment to effectively reducing their greenhouse gas emissions and thereby contributing to environmental preservation.

By adopting a methodical and rigorous approach, Greenly accurately evaluates companies' environmental performance across various aspects of their operations. This enables companies to understand their environmental impact and set realistic decarbonization goals aligned with international agreements.

Beyond recognition, Greenly certificates encourage companies to integrate sustainability and environmental responsibility at the core of their strategy. They also incentivize consumers and stakeholders to make informed choices by favoring companies that are highly committed to decarbonization.

  • For whom?

    - Executive Committee
    - CSR / Procurement / Quality / Marketing / HR Managers

  • For how long?

    - 1 to 2 months of minimum assistance depending on the company's size, sector, and any additional specific requests in the development of the Carbon Footprint report.

  • Why?

    - Improve its Greenly assessment score
    - Reassure clients and partners about its CSR practices
    - Earn points in responses to requests for proposals (RFPs).

How Can I Use My Greenly Certificates and Medals?

Greenly's certificates and recognition medals are specifically awarded to companies evaluated by Greenly that meet strict eligibility and licensing criteria, highlighting their commitment to climate strategy.

As part of the continuous improvement of our rating system, this methodology is subject to change. Our teams are working on this on a daily basis, and any comments, corrections and proposals for improvement will be studied.

It is also important to note that the Greenly score is different from the Open Climate Ratings.