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The number of CSOs holding an executive level position increased worldwide to 28% in 2021, tripling from 9% in 2016. The average size of a Sustainability Team in 2021 was 5 employees. More often than not, these teams are under-resourced and left to seek support from within their own networks to accelerate the roll out of their climate strategy and reporting.

This is where ESG Connect by Greenly comes in!

Our vision is to create a community and network of global environmental leaders who meet regularly, exchange resources, share knowledge and find solutions to maximize their impact!

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Clémence Thomin

Head of ESG Connect

The climate crisis has starkly revealed the constraints of our existing business models, compelling us to discard the "business as usual" approach and embark on a much needed reevaluation of our economic frameworks.

Through ESG Connect, our aim is to foster a dynamic platform that unites agents of impact, enabling them to convene, exchange ideas, and showcase their most effective strategies for expediting change.

At Greenly, our unwavering ambition has been to facilitate and expedite corporate engagement in the ecological and social transition by providing accessible carbon footprint solutions.

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