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2024 Presidential Election: Candidates, Programs and Arguments
Blog...2024 Presidential Election: Candidates, Programs and Arguments

2024 Presidential Election: Candidates, Programs and Arguments

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trump pence podium and american flags with stadium lights
In this article, we’ll give a breakdown of the campaigns for all the 2024 presidential candidates – and an overview of their climate policy.
Ecology News
trump pence podium and american flags with stadium lights

The 2024 presidential election is looming near, but in the midst of all the chaotic GOP debates and incessant media headlines – it can prove difficult to get a good grasp on the values of each candidate.  

However, there’s no need to worry – because we’ve created a comprehensive guide on each candidate with an overview of their general program, and in depth analysis of their environmental programs.

Why is the 2024 presidential election a big deal?

The 2024 presidential election is set to be one of the most interesting U.S. presidential elections in history for a multitude of reasons.

First off, it’s expected to be a tight race – and it’s even probable that Trump and Biden will go head to head again for the presidential seat. This has not only Americans on the edge of their seat, but the rest of the world.

💡As of March 2024, following Super Tuesday – odds are even higher than the two nominees for the 2024 presidential election are set to be Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

biden vs trump 2024
However, more importantly, there are a plethora of serious issues swarming the country – such as abortion laws, gun violence, healthcare, inflation, and climate change.

Therefore, the 2024 presidential election is coming at a time where the potential policies and strategies proposed will have a huge impact on pivotal backbones for the country – such as handling the country’s economic recovery following the COVID-19 pandemic and inflation.

👉 Who are the candidates for the 2024 presidential election?


Joe Biden

The current president for the United States, Joe Biden, is running for a second-term in the 2024 presidential election.

Throughout his current-term, Biden has carried Americans out of the pandemic and implemented many policies in attempts to mitigate climate change – but he has received backlash for refusing to declare global warming as a national emergency

This is because over the course of his presidency, Biden has actually approved more oil drilling projects than Trump did during his presidency – causing environmental activists and young generations alike to be concerned. Still, Biden remains adamant that climate change is his priority – and plans to continue passing initiatives he already has such as the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 to encourage energy efficiency and renewable energy.  

👉 Despite constant scrutiny regarding his age, Biden is still likely to be the Democratic nominee for the 2024 presidential election. Regardless, concerns have grown so strong for Biden's capability to run the election following a presidential debate where Biden lost his train of thought more than once – that allies are suggested Biden step aside, even though reports suggest this is unlikely at this juncture as of June 2024.


👉 However, if Biden was to be re-elected – he plans to continue his campaign by advocating for his bipartisan agreements, women’s healthcare amongst the divide on abortion, and climate change. 

Biden’s biggest struggle to secure a second-term will likely be his age, as even Democrats are concerned about his ability to hold a second term.

Marianne Williamson

Despite her unsuccessful campaign for president in 2020, this Democrat is giving it another go – and could potentially be the first female president. 

Marianne Williamson is best known for going against many of Trump’s policies – even citing “Trumpism” as an illness to the American psyche. Needless to say, it may be hard for Republicans to get on board with Williamson’s potential policies. 

If she were to be elected, Williamson plans on implementing policies for reparations for descendants of slaves, universal healthcare, safeguarding abortion rights, and making climate change a top priority. 

marianne williamson

Williamson's efforts to improve the current environmental crisis include transitioning to a clean economy, rectifying mass mobilization of Americans, and following the guidelines presented by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. 

👉 Did you know that Marianne Williamson is a self-help book author and was once a spiritual advisor for Oprah?

Robert F. Kennedy Junior

You may recognize this Democrats’ last name – and that’s because he’s the nephew of John F. Kennedy, or the 35th president of the United States.

Kennedy is most known for being an anti-vaccine activist, however – he’s now claiming he never was, most likely to appeal to voters.

If elected, Kennedy’s primary plan is to end the corporate power present in the country – with much of his campaign derived from conspiracy theories such as persuading Americans that the government, pharmaceutical companies, and the media are lying to the public.

As a result, much of Kennedy’s own family has chosen to not support him – and have even advocated for Biden’s re-election in the 2024 presidential election. 

In the midst of the climate crisis, someone with such niche and useful experience like Kennedy could prove valuable to the country.

In fact, Kennedy recalls the very reason why he has become so developed in the environmental crisis – as depicted in this video.

kennedy environmentalist


Donald Trump

The infamous Trump has decided to run again for the 2024 presidential election after having lost to Biden in 2020, and despite his recent indictment in Atlanta – the polls reveal that he has a high chance of winning the Republican nomination.

His previous presidency is perhaps the most controversial one in American history – having pulled the country from the Paris Agreement claiming climate change to be a hoax, obliterated the Affordable Care Act implemented by Obama, and vetoed student loan forgiveness.'

Oddly, Trump supported the return of the abortion pill in the June 2024 presidential debate.

👉 As of March 2024, Trump's name is set to be on the ballot across all states despite his current indictments – with the U.S. supreme court having overturned several state's efforts to remove his name from the ballot.

In June 2024, following the first presidential election – Trump was leading in the polls ahead of Biden.

trump 2024

As for Trump’s climate policy, it has always been on the back burner as opposed to the economy – such as by refusing to improve the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NASSQS) and replacing the Clean Power Plan with a less effective form of regulation. 

👉 Many believe that Trump’s actions while in office may have created insufferable consequences for the ongoing fight against climate change – seeing as he rolled back over 100 different environmental regulations.

Even if Trump has a change of heart and begins to acknowledge climate change, it is probable that he will continue to prioritize creating jobs to focus on economic recovery.

Mike Pence

Known as Trump’s former Vice President, Mike Pence decided to run for the 2024 presidential election himself – until he dropped out of the race in October 2023.

Pence is most strongly known for his Christian views and how they influence his policies – such as with abortion and his unwavering belief that it should be banned nationwide.

pence in gop debate

As for climate change, Pence is similar to Trump as in he believes much of climate change is dramatized. If he were to be elected as president, he would reverse many of the bans that Biden has implemented to mitigate methane emissions.

Ultimately, Pence is a good fit for those who align with his religious views as they tend to dictate his political views.

Ron DeSantis

Rising to prominence having served as Governor of Florida since 2019 – Ron DeSantis is a strong contender for the Republican nomination in the 2024 presidential election.

Known in the media for his extreme controversial policies such as the “Don’t Say Gay” Bill and advocating that masks were not necessary during the pandemic – DeSantis has cultivated a strong following amongst wealthy Floridians for his traditional and rigorous Republican policies.

👉 However, DeSantis dropped out of the race in January 2024.

ron desantis 2024

However, that being said, much of the policies implemented by DeSantis have also made daily life harder for the average Floridian. 

👉 If elected as president, DeSantis plans to close four major federal agencies: the Department of Education, Commerce and Energy, and even the IRS.

When it comes to climate change, DeSantis is in support of helping the American people adjust to the effects of climate change – but he is uninterested in implementing policies to mitigate extended negative consequences.

Ultimately, DeSantis is determined to move forward with energy plans to revive the economy in favor of protecting the environment.

👉 It is important to note that as of January 2024, DeSantis has officially withdrew his campaign for presidency and will endorse Trump's campaign moving forward.

Nikki Haley

As the only female Republican running, Nikki Haley has all eyes on her – especially as she duals men in the GOP Republican debates.

Having served as the Governor of South Carolina in the 2010s, she is known for her less stubborn Republican views – such as with abortion, where she believes more access to contraception should be made and doctors who do not believe in abortion should not have to conduct them.

👉 As of March 2024, following Super Tuesday – Nikki Haley is expected to withdraw her bid for presidency: leaving Trump as the official Republican nominee for the 2024 presidential election.

Haley has garnered attention for her willingness to debate her opponents in the GOP debates.
nikki haley and ron desantis

As for other policies such as immigration and transgender rights, her beliefs are aligned with Trump and DeSantis respectively. However, for things such as healthcare – she is open to giving younger Americans cheaper insurance plans, and has even cited taxes as, “the lazy way” out of solving the crisis.

As for her views on climate change, Nikki Haley is aware of the crisis, and even supports the use of carbon capture and storage – but doesn’t have any plans to implement climate policies, as it would “cost trillions” of dollars and destroy our economy.  

👉 Unlike some of her Republican opponents, Nikki Haley has acknowledged that climate change is real and aggravated by human activity – but is not determined to implement policies that will reduce future emissions.

Vivek Ramaswamy

Having gained attention for being the youngest Republican presidential candidate, Vivek Ramaswamy is a 38-year-old entrepreneur seeking the Republican nomination for the 2024 presidential election. He has since dropped out of the race.

Vivek Ramaswamy

If this now infamous millennial is to be elected for president, he plans to implement rigorous policies – such as by forbidding the U.S. from doing business with China and by advocating for strict immigration policies – even going as far as seeking to secure the U.S. border with military forces.

It is important to note that Ramaswamy is the antithesis of an advocate for climate change, seeing as he plans to increase G.D.P. growth by halting all efforts or investments currently in tact to fight climate change.

👉 Ramaswamy has already faced numerous attacks amidst the GOP Republican debates, with many commenting on his lack of experience in the political world.

chat gpt comment

As for climate change, despite his youthful status, Ramaswamy is strongly against any efforts being made to mitigate climate change – citing that the climate change agenda was a “hoax” in the August 2023 GOP Republican debate. If elected, he would cease any action currently being taken to fight climate change – viewing these carbon emission reduction efforts as standing in the way of G.D.P growth.

It is important to note that unlike some of his Republican counterparts, Ramaswamy does not deny climate change – but he also does not plan to do anything to decrease emissions.

Perry Johnson

Perry Johnson, previous runner for the Republican nomination for governor of Michigan in 2022 is shooting his shot – even though it’s likely to be a long one. 

Johnson was previously a founder of various companies that worked to ensure Quality Management Standards. However, his campaign remains focused on fiscal policies – with his main plan, “two cents to save America” being to end inflation in the country. 

👉 Deeming himself as a “Trump without the baggage” – Johnson was a long-shot for the 2024 presidential election, seeing as he dropped out of the race in October 2023.

perry johnson
It is important to note that similar to Trump's recent indictment, Johnson lost a lawsuit in attempts to get his name back on the ballot for governor of Michigan after being accused of fraudulent signatures.

When it comes to climate change, Johnson takes an interesting point of view – citing that while he is against Biden’s “extremist” climate policies and that it is improbable to be completely free from the use of fossil fuels, it is still imperative that the country works towards leading the renewable energy movement. 

However, Johnson also claims that “our air and water are the cleanest they have ever been” – and while the Clean Air Act has helped this to be true, the constant wildfires threaten our current air quality. 

👉 Johnson’s current campaign does not insinuate he is determined to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Asa Hutchinson

Having served two-terms as governor of Arkansas, this Republican is one of the few in his party that have shown their transparent dismay for Trump – even saying that he should remove himself from the running for the 2024 presidential election. However, Hutchinson still dropped out of the race himself at the start of 2024.

👉 Hutchinson’s previous experience includes leading the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Department of Homeland Security’s Border and Transportation Security Directorate.

As a more lenient Republican, Hutchinson doesn’t expect national agreement on abortion, supports continued trade between the U.S. and China, and that a border-long wall to be built across Mexico isn’t probable. However, Hutchinson is still supportive of pro-life policies, banning transgender care, and is opposed to raising retirement age.

Asa Hutchinson

As for climate change, Hutchinson isn’t against the production of renewable energy or investing in nuclear power – but doesn’t plan to make it the forefront of his campaign. In fact, he has publicly vocalized his opposition to government-based efforts to mitigate climate change.

Unlike some of his Republican colleagues, Hutchinson acknowledges that climate change is real and that human activity is making it worse.

However, Hutchinson does not view climate change as a crisis to the extent that Biden does. If elected, he still plans to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris Agreement and allow for more pipeline or drilling projects in order to facilitate the country’s economic recovery.

👉 Hutchinson is open to some clean energy production efforts, but ultimately prioritizes the economy.

Larry Elder

Most recognizable for going up against current California governor, Gavin Newsom, Larry Elder is running for president for multiple reasons – but he is intrinsically motivated as both of his brothers served in the U.S. army, and Elder has since maintained a desire to serve his country as well. 

The three main issues that Elder wishes to address as president are border control, crime, and addressing racial issues in the country.

Larry Elder plans to ease racial tensions by preventing Critical Race Theory (CRT) and Diversion, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) from receiving extensive government funding – believing that these programs only increase the amount of racism in the country.   

👉 Elder is also pro-life, wants national fiscal policy, and is determined to secure the border – even to the extent of building a wall as Trump suggested during his presidency and previous campaigns. Ultimately, many of his policies are far to the right. 

However, a unique part of Elder’s campaign that sets him apart from other Republican candidates is his desire to allow parents to choose their children’s schools regardless of zip code – such as in the event if the public school in their area isn’t meeting high educational standards. 

👉 As of October 2023, Elder has since dropped out of the 2024 presidential election.

larry elder

When it comes to climate change, Elder does not deny its existence – but does not find global warming alarming, referring to himself as an anti, “climate change alarmist”. He instead believes in preparing for instances like droughts by storing water instead of tackling the issue head on – such as by implementing policies to reduce emissions and lower global temperatures. This is known as a reactive approach to climate change.

Ultimately, Elder believes in natural disaster preparedness – but not in implementing policies to mitigate climate change as a whole.

Ryan Binkley

One of the few Republican candidates for the 2024 presidential election without previous political experience, Ryan Binkley is currently a pastor and the CEO of the Generational Equity Group – a mergers & acquisitions advisory group based in Dallas, Texas. 

👉 Binkley is likely to be a long-shot considering his opponents have held office before, such as Trump, Haley, and DeSantis. In fact, as of February 2024 – he has since dropped out of the race and has voiced his support for Trump.

If elected as president, Binkley plans to prioritize private healthcare, work towards energy independence, reduce violence, and strengthen relationships with allies of the United States to ensure continued safety – such as by requiring all members of NATO to allocate a minimum of 2% of their GDP on military spending. 

In addition to this, one of the more unique points of Binkley’s campaign is that he is not only seeking to encourage pro-life policies, but to change the narrative surrounding adopting children – as nearly 400,000 kids remain in the system.

Ultimately, Binkley is running for president to help with border control, America’s youth, and the economy – specifically with his 7 year economic rescue plan.
ryan binkley

As for climate change, Binkley strongly differs from the rest of the Republican candidates – as he believes in implementing a climate change policy that doesn’t have to break the bank. 

👉 Binkley believes that one of the best investments any government can make is to invest in climate technology, and cites the human capability to adapt and invent as a way out of the climate change crisis.

Therefore, Binkley’s climate policy would include investing in new technologies that could help to produce clean energy – which would help the U.S. become an energy independent country, one of Binkley’s goals as president. Binkely’s climate change policy would also include increasing production on nuclear energy, modernizing infrastructure, and search for rare elements to allow for the production of other eco-friendly mechanisms such as Electric Vehicles (EVs).

Tim Scott

This senator from South Carolina is running for the 2024 presidential election, and is already well-known for being a predominant voice on race in the Republican party.

In addition to this, Tim Scott is known for stringent abortion laws, vague views on transgender policies, and immigration values that align with Trump. If he were elected president, Tim Scott would prioritize border control and immigration policies – viewing this as the most alarming issue in the United States today.

tim scott announces 2024 running

As for climate change, Tim Scott doesn’t vary from the opinion of many of his opponents – as he acknowledges the existence of climate change, but doesn’t see a need to do anything about it.

In fact, Scott advocated for Trump when he pulled the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement and was against Biden’s $369 billion dollar climate bill – which was designed to help incentivize Americans to utilize renewable energy and energy efficient appliances.

👉 Although Tim Scott is all for nuclear energy production, he is also adamant on increasing the amount of oil and gas projects – which would render any efforts to produce renewable energy to be less effective. However, he dropped out of the race in November 2023.

Ultimately, Tim Scott views national security and border control as a more pivotal issue than climate change.

Chris Christie

Once the governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie is also running in the 2024 presidential election – and is ready to reclaim the stage after a failed election campaign in 2016. Christe is known for his previous work with Trump and for having evolved to become one of the former president’s harshest critics. 

👉 Some of Chris Christie’s most notable efforts as former governor include raising $100 million for schools, expanding the Affordable Care Act, and managing the recovery necessary following Hurricane Sandy.

chris christie

Christie differs from many of his Republican opponents as he is opposed to a national ban on abortion, and does not demonstrate the same stringent views on immigration. However, it is important to remember that despite his varying levels of extremity – he remains left on these issues. 

He also remains vague on key issues such as how he would improve the economy and transgender rights. If elected president, Christie has made it clear that his primary predicament is dealing with China – and would take military action against the country if need be.

As for climate change, Christie is open to policies on climate change – quoting himself that we need to listen to scientists.

When you have over 90 percent of the world’s scientists who have studied this stating that climate change is occurring and that humans play a contributing role, it’s time to defer to the experts. – Chris Christie

However, Christie does not believe that the U.S. is entirely to blame for rising global temperatures – and cites climate change as something he prefers to take up with China. While it is true that China is the largest emitter of emissions in the world, the U.S. falls right behind in second place.

Still, Christie isn’t against policies to reduce emissions, he already has demonstrated his willingness to implement them – such as with his efforts to reduce emissions created from coal plants and having passed legislation to allow for wind farms.

👉 Regardless of his efforts, Christie decided to drop out of the race in January 2024.

Doug Burgum

Currently serving his second term in North Dakota as state governor, Doug Burgum is running in the 2024 presidential election for the Republican nomination – and he has already raised some eyebrows for his either extremely direct or vague points of view.

For instance, when it comes to being abrupt – Burgam is known for his far right policies, such as when he signed a six-week abortion law in North Dakota – with only exceptions for women to terminate the pregnancy if there is a health issue involved. Despite his strict stance, Burgam is against a national ban – believing these matters belong to the individual states.

doug burgum

👉 Doug Burgam is known for his entrepreneurial work ethic and for being born-and-raised in North Dakota. 

However, Burgam is up for some stiff competition considering his other opponents already have large followings and have publicly spoken on other large issues and how he would rectify them – such as Trump’s indictment, immigration, and even on climate change.

That being said, Burgam is also known for having views on energy that Republicans strongly support – such as the country working towards greater energy independence. Although he is not opposed to the use of carbon capture and storage hydro, wind, or solar power – he ultimately remains unclear on how or if he would tackle climate change at all. 

👉 As of December 2024, Burgam has dropped out of the race.

Will Hurd

Perhaps most well known in the political world for having served in the 23rd Congressional District in Texas for six years – Will Hurd is seeking to grow his political career by running for president in 2024. 

👉 Hurd is known for his moderate policies and distaste for Trump – something he differs on in comparison to his opponents also seeking the Republican nomination. However, he dropped out of the race in October 2023.

If elected president, Hurd’s is primarily determined to rectify immigration controversies by protecting younger immigrants (such as those that qualify for DACA) and eradicating the notion that a wall is necessary.

Ultimately, Will Hurd is the least far left candidate seeking the Republican nomination for the 2024 presidential election.
will hurd 2024

👉 Did you know that Will Hurd was a former C.I.A. specializing in cybersecurity?

Other values of hurd include implementing a no-fly zone over Ukraine (something NATO rejected), signing a 15 week national abortion ban, maintaining a trade relationship with China, providing fair education to all, and remaining supportive of transgender rights.

However, when it comes to climate change – Hurd’s views and potential policies remain unclear. 

He acknowledges that climate change is a major threat, but what he would do is unclear. Will Hurd understands that climate change is a massive threat to the vitality of the country, but has previously referred to it as more of an economic issue – seeing as rising global temperatures are drying out crops and are eliciting skyrocketing grocery prices.

While he has not shared plans for how he would address climate change as president, his previous actions while in the House may serve as valuable insight – seeing as Hurd voted against many climate policies in the past.

Third Party

Cornel West

Once a professor at prestigious higher education institutes such as Yale, Harvard, and Princeton – progressive activist Cornel West is running under the Green Party in the 2024 presidential election.

👉 Cornel West is most known for his activism, progressive views, and dislike for previous President Barack Obama.

If he were to have been elected, West would work to raise issues he feels have not been well addressed by Biden and appeal to the interest of the many Americans who never vote during the presidential election – primarily by trying to unite the country on multivarious issues, from transgender rights and labor laws. However, West dropped out of the race in October 2023.

cornel west
Although Cornel West is unlikely to win, it is likely that his voice will be heard throughout his presidential campaign.

Running as a part of the Green Party, West views climate change as a pivotal priority – and would seek to implement climate policies accordingly, such as by accelerating the energy transition and changing the way we speak about this global crisis.

Takeaway for the 2024 Presidential Election

Evidently, with a wide array of candidates – next year’s presidential election is going to be an engrossing event. 

Unsurprisingly, the battle has come down between Biden and Trump – making the election even more nerve-wracking and head-to-head than the 2020 election. The next couple of months will be paramount in terms of polls and presidential debates as these two infamous presidents battle for the presidential chair.

We hope this guide has helped inform you on which presidential candidates are most suited for your values and beliefs. Be sure to follow Greenly for more news on the 2024 presidential election and other climate policy matters.

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