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Engage your business with SBTi !

Greenly will take you all the way through your SBTi validation, starting by your commitment to the initiative of your target submission

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Why should you apply to SBTi ?

Get a public international recognition

SBTi is the main worldwide Climate Targets referential.

Become compliant with your client’s requirements

SBTi companies are willing to only work with SBTi suppliers.

Develop a competitive edge

Being an SBTI is an increasingly common prerequisite for selling to governments and large corporations


Pricing may vary according to the level of support required and the company's SBTi maturity.

Less than 500 employees

Between 500 - 1,000

Between 1,000 - 3,000

More than 3,000

More than 5,000

Starting at $10k

Our offer includes:

Why select Greenly for your SBTi application ?

To spare time and win efficiency

SBTi process is complex & time-consuming to launch.

To build an accurate and detailed carbon footprint

Our platform makes it easy to produce a highly detailed and granular carbon footprint.

To obtain custom action plans & trajectory builder

It will help you design your action roadmap and forecast your emissions.

Simulate your emissions with our scenario builders

Forecast your emissions over the next decade, based on implemented action plans and associated cost simulations.

5 steps to submit your application

Construction of the reference year

Calculation of the reduction potential

Consideration of operational constraints

Trajectory design

Application construction & submission

What is the Science-Based Targets initiative?

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