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What is carbon capture ?


Put most simply, carbon capturing is the act of capturing carbon before it is released into the atmosphere, with the goal of mitigating its effects on the climate. 


What are the steps involved in the carbon capture process? 

Carbon capture refers to part of a climate change mitigation process involving several steps. 

  • Step 1: Carbon is captured near its production source 
  • Step 2: Carbon is transported 
  • Step 3: The carbon is then stored in a secure location 


Carbon can be captured directly from a location in which carbon is produced, such as coal and has power plants, or factories of steel or cement for example, by separating it from other gasses and byproducts of production. It is then compressed in a form fit for transport, and can be shipped via designated pipelines, by truck, or by ship. It is then permanently stored in secure underground locations. Carbon capture is a necessary step for achieving the IPCC’s recommendation of limiting global temperature increase by 1.5C. 

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