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The Glenturret carries out its Carbon Footprint with Greenly

Today, we are proud to announce that we have finalized a complete audit with Greenly!


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What can you tell us about your company? 🔍

Crafted at Scotland’s Oldest Working Distillery since 1763 entirely by hand in exclusive small batches, The Glenturret single malt is defined by its outstanding quality and exquisite taste. Located in the ‘Hosh’, Crieff, surrounded by the beautiful Perthshire countryside, The Glenturret offers daily distillery tours, whisky flights at the Lalique Bar, a dedicated retail store including an exclusive Lalique Boutique, and The Glenturret Lalique Restaurant, the distillery’s two Michelin Star unique dining experience.

Our commitment to reducing our impact on the environment is one that is shared across our team. With the full support of our owners, suppliers, and the diverse communities around us, partnering with Greenly has helped us to make significant progress on our net zero journey.
Jennie Baernreuther
Managing Director of The Glenturret.

Why did you decide to carry out a GHG assessment? 🤔

In order to achieve our ambitions to become Net Zero by 2040, we set out to firstly measure and understand our emissions across our value chain. This has been a critical initial step in moving towards our reduction targets. Identifying the areas of our business that have the largest impact and subsequently where we can make the most effective changes has been transformational to the way that we manage our emissions. Transparency is also something that is important to us and carrying out a GHG assessment with an accredited partner such as Greenly allows us to confidently share our data and the progress that we are making each year with our consumers.

Why did you choose Greenly? 💚

As an SME with limited time and resource to manage carbon accounting, Greenly stood out to us as a company that worked well with smaller businesses to make the process as easy as possible to engage with. We particularly appreciated the supplier module and their approach to employee engagement through the team survey and additional Greenly Academy content. At every turn the Greenly team were incredibly knowledgeable and helpful, giving us the confidence that we are managing our carbon data in a responsible way for the future.

Results and Insights 📊

We worked with Greenly to understand our emissions backdated from 2020 onwards. This gave us multiple years of data to review and helped us understand how our growth as a business in the last few years has also impacted our carbon footprint.

Like many businesses over 90% of our emissions sit within Scope 3 and therefore one of our first actions post assessment, has been to engage with our suppliers through the Greenly platform. This supplier engagement will help to further enhance our Scope 3 data thus making it easier to identify future reduction opportunities.

The assessment has assisted us to improve our data reporting which has involved capturing more activity based information rather than spend in several areas of our operations. Greenly have helped to inform and educate our team on ways to make positive changes to their lifestyles. Our consumers have also reacted positively to our climate impact transparency and reduction plans.

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