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🚀 Greenly Raises a $52 Million Series B to Drive Widespread Adoption of Emissions Reporting Amidst Regulatory Push! carries out its Carbon Footprint with Greenly!

Today, is proud to announce the completion of their second carbon assessment with Greenly. This marks a huge step in significantly improving carbon emission for our customers, reducing their digital carbon footprint and supporting our joined efforts towards Net Zero!


Date of creation


Number of employees




Year analyzed

Analysis of the results


Total from Platformers : 1233 tCO2e/year

Number of Platformers : 350

We've decided to commit to fighting climate change, and to reduce CO2 emissions. To do this, we've decided to act, and act quickly. We believe we provide instant long-term benefits to our customers, drastically reducing their digital carbon footprint. We're continuing to work closely with our clients, partners and ecosystem to consolidate our approach and reassert our deep commitment to the environment.
Frédéric Plais
CEO & Co-founder -

Tell us about the adventure 🔍 is the cloud platform engineered to simplify building, managing, and scaling your websites and applications. Whether you have one application or one thousand, our Platform-as-a-Service (Paas) empowers your developers to take the load off of infrastructure management, and allow us to do the heavy lifting for you. No training required. Test fearlessly with instantly cloned environments, deploy with confidence knowing your application will work as it should from the start, and manage your infrastructure from one, unified, secure platform. 

We are dedicated to reducing the effects of our activity on the environment and through our greener hosting MODE strategy, we’re making that a reality. As a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), we help our clients minimize the environmental impact of their applications by hosting them in the cloud, but for us, greener hosting doesn’t stop there. Through the four phases of our MODE strategy - measure, optimize, deploy, and educate - we help reduce impact further. We are utilizing accurate certified third-party carbon auditing, high-density computing and application optimization, location-based hosting, and consistent investment in research and development. You don’t need another server, we just need to optimize what we have.  

Audit year : 2022 Results 🌱

Total :  3728 tons CO2eq

  • Scope 1: 8.6 tCO₂eq
  • Scope 2: 0.15 tCO₂eq
  • Scope 3: 3719 tCO₂eq
  • Scope 3 for the Cloud: 2495 tCO₂eq
  • Scope 3 for Platformers: 1223 tCO₂eq

Total from Platformers : 1233 tCO2e/year

Number of Platformers : 350

  • Scope 1: 8.59 tCO₂eq
  • Scope 2: 0.15 tCO₂eq
  • Scope 3: 1223 tCO₂eq

Total for cloud computing (clients): 2495 tCO2e/year

  • Emissions compute: 1154 tCO₂eq
  • Storage: 421 tCO₂eq
  • Transfer: 648 tCO₂eq
  • Other*: 29 tCO₂eq
  • CDN: 243 tCO₂eq

Audit year : 2021 Results 🌱

Total :  2385 tons CO2eq

  • Scope 1: 14.3 tons CO₂eq
  • Scope 2: 1.5 tons CO₂eq
  • Scope 3: 2369 tons CO₂eq

Total from Platformers : 482 tCO2e/year

Number of Platformers : 263 

  • Scope 1: 14.3 tCO₂eq
  • Scope 2: 1.5 tCO₂eq
  • Scope 3: 466 tCO₂eq (new: included remote work) 

Total for cloud computing (clients): 1903 tCO2e/year

  • Emissions compute: 1026 tCO₂eq
  • Storage: 196 tCO₂eq
  • Transfer: 443 tCO₂eq
  • Other*: 32 tCO₂eq
  • CDN: 207 tCO₂eq

*other emissions tied to the datacenter

Audit year : 2020 Results 🌱

Total : 1321  tCO2e/year

  • Scope 1: 5 tCO₂eq
  • Scope 2: 1 tCO₂eq
  • Scope 3: 1315 tCO₂eq’s carbon footprint (without our client’s cloud contribution)

Number of Platformers : 200 

Total: 94 tCO2e/year

  • Scope 1: 5 tCO₂eq 
  • Scope 2: 1 tCO₂eq
  • Scope 3: 88 tCO₂eq’s clients’ Cloud audit : 1227 tCO2e/year

  • Compute: 715 tCO₂eq
  • Storage: 151 tCO₂eq
  • Transfer: 342 tCO₂eq
  • Other datacenter emissions: 19 tCO₂eq
  • CDN (N/A)

Density Study 📊

Using’ 2020 data, Greenly performed a density study to see how efficiently uses CPUs in the cloud compared to a standard deployment (AWS Elastic Cloud 2). density was on average 12x more dense for their offering with the highest mutualization possible (grid) – -this means 12x less electricity was used to run an equivalent workload. More specifically, the breakdown was:

  • 14x higher density for development
  • 10x higher density for production
  • And 5x more dense for clients that requested low mutualization of resources (dedicated). 

This reduction in resource use, means less electricity is used by the datacenter, and ultimately lower CO2 emissions. On average for the globe, this translated into a 9x lower CO2 emission factor compared to the “bare mental scenario” due to superior density offer for their highly mutualized approach and 6x lower emissions for the less mutualized approach. 

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