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🚀 Unlock the power of LCA 2.0: Streamline the evaluation of emissions for several products and smoothly incorporate the data into your GHG reports!

Invovix takes on a concrete commitment to the climate with Greenly's expertise

Invivox, the first health platform dedicated to sharing knowledge and experience between health actors, has carried out its GHG assessment and earned its first badge in its climate strategy!


Date of creation


Number of employees




Year analyzed

Analysis of the results


tCO2 / employee

Total carbon emissions

Icone avec dessin d'avion


Number of round trips Paris / New York

Icone Co2


Annual emissions in number of French people

Icone avec dessin d'arbres


Hectares of growing forest needed to compensate

One of the starting points to highlight our CSR commitment is the carbon footprint. This gives us an idea of our carbon emissions so that we can take appropriate action. Measuring our activities allows us to improve and have a real impact.
Julien Delpech
Cofounder & CEO of Invivox

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