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🚀 Greenly Raises a $52 Million Series B to Drive Widespread Adoption of Emissions Reporting Amidst Regulatory Push!

Easy Vista Measures Its Emissions with Greenly and Commits to the SBTi! 

"We have led the way among companies our size with our profound commitment to CSR, and Greenly has played a vital role in helping us achieve the milestones leading to our SBTi project submission.” 


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ITV - Background & Objectives 🔍

EasyVista offers worldwide intelligent solution software for enterprise service management, remote support, and self-healing technologies. By harnessing ITSM, self-healing, AI, back-end systems management, and IT process automation, EasyVista simplifies the transition for businesses toward a customer-focused, proactive, and predictive service and support model.    

Today, EasyVista helps over 3,000 companies around the world accelerate their digital transformation, empowering leaders to improve employee productivity, lower operational costs, and increase satisfaction among employees and customers across sectors such as financial services, healthcare, education, manufacturing, and more. 

As part of our ESG strategy, integrating the SBTi initiative seemed like an obvious step for EasyVista, reaffirming its commitment to sustainability. Greenly has proven to be an essential partner in developing a decarbonisation trajectory that is fully aligned with SBTi standards.
Cristina Zenati Costanzo
Global Chief People Officer - Easy Vista

ITV - Why carry out a GHG Assessment? 🤔

As part of a responsible and sustainable vision of its corporate strategy and CSR ambitions, EasyVista is fully committed to contributing to sustainable practices in terms of ethics, human rights, fighting climate change, and preserving the environment. With the SBTi initiative, EasyVista is concretising through this scientific approach its commitment to managing its greenhouse gas emissions reduction strategy, positioning itself within a standardised framework for the future and establishing itself as a leading player in this area within its market. 

EasyVista is part of an approach to anticipate future regulations and requirements in terms of non-financial reporting, recognising the imperative to play a more active role in preserving life: biodiversity and people. For example, we are currently preparing for the implementation of the CSRD directives set to take effect in 2025. 

Why Greenly? 🌱

EasyVista has always been sensitive to environmental issues, and its partnership with Greenly has supported its active approach to the fight against climate change through better knowledge and management of its carbon footprint. 

Since 2019, Easyvista has chosen Greenly as a key partner of its environmental mission due to its deep understanding of the new technology sector and its ability to understand the challenges associated with responsible digital technology. 

An update on Easy Vista's carbon footprint 📊

To assess the carbon emissions of Easy Vista (a multinational corporation), it was important to first define the temporal, operational, and organisational scope of measurement. Following this, data collection took place based on both physical and accounting data. Finally, emissions were calculated across the three emission scopes.  

The carbon footprint analysis has shed light on the distribution of emissions across various categories, providing concrete data on aspects that were previously only inferred. The health crisis has played an important role in trend variations between 2020 and 2022, providing an interesting source of insight for crafting sustainable consumption models that the company aims to adopt consistently. 

Our main sources of greenhouse gas emissions are digital, travel, service purchases, fixed assets, and energy. 

Easy Vista wants to reduce its emissions 📉

To establish reduction targets, we used the results of our carbon footprint analysis from the previous year to identify the key emission sources on which we could also act. On this basis, working groups were formed with relevant departments whose activities significantly impact these emission sources. These teams drew up various action scenarios to project a trajectory for reducing emissions and subsequently define tangible targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, in line with SBTi guidelines.  

The biggest challenge was to define goals that were both achievable and realistic, given the company's broader strategy focused on economic growth and conquering markets and regions. 

Easy Vista's action plans 📝

EasyVista has focused its efforts mainly on four key areas of action:  

  • Promoting sustainable consumption of business equipment by facilitating access to refurbished equipment, recycling fleet elements, or donations to charities advocating for education and combating the digital gap 
  • Implementing a more rational use of air transport  
  • Rationalising and relocating of cloud hosting providers  
  • Accelerating the electrification of its car fleet. 

Greenly's SBTi support 💚

The prerequisites for SBTi involve conducting a recent assessment of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and identifying actions to be implemented for decarbonisation. 

A Science-based Target is a goal that allows companies to align their transition plan with the +1.5°C limit by 2100. Becoming part of the SBTi is not an easy task. This is why Greenly has supported Easy Vista every step of the way, aiming to: 

  • Provide an overview of all relevant information about SBTi procedures and the company's implemented actions 
  • Assist in choosing the right trajectory construction strategy and targets  
  • Help choose the suitable methodology to define targets 
  • Understand the implications of choices. 

So what were those steps? 

  • Committing to the SBTi 
  • Calculating the reduction potential and establishing a roadmap 
  • Validating and finalising the roadmap 
  • Submitting the SBTi Form 
  • Communicating and publishing the annual GHG assessment 

Conclusions ⭐️

We have led the way among companies our size with our profound commitment to CSR, and Greenly has played a vital role in helping us achieve the milestones leading to our SBTi project submission. Greenly has proposed an effective methodology and tools to evolve objectively and quickly towards the achievement of our goals. As its offer develops, we have full confidence in the expertise associated with this brand and its ability to further support our footprint management and market positioning. 

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