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🚀 Greenly Raises a $52 Million Series B to Drive Widespread Adoption of Emissions Reporting Amidst Regulatory Push!

Build your carbon action blueprint

Establish a roadmap for decarbonization, complete with science-based reduction goals and actionable steps, all directed toward the ambitious vision of planetary Net Zero.

Design in autonomy a range of emissions trajectory scenarios tailored to your company, business unit, or sites.

Choose industry-customized actions, accompanied by step-by-step implementation guidelines.

Leverage on Greenly’s proven expertise and tools to assess reduction potential and associated costs.

Drive change with expert-led action plan workshops or use our resources independently.

Join the movement committed to fighting climate change

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A streamlined and straightforward process suitable for any organization

Spare time and gain efficiency by having Greenly’s guidance for building your decarbonization strategy — from setting science-based targets to seeing your efforts through to successful implementation.


Identify actions towards your carbon mitigation strategy

Access Greenly's Action Library and expert-led workshops for a strong foundation in identifying emission-reducing actions, including industry benchmarks, suppliers, guidelines, and timelines for implementation.

Quantify the reduction potential of actions and simulate associated costs

Greenly's Decarbonization Pathway technology automates the analysis of action reduction potential and associated costs. Access an auditable action plan roadmap using only cutting-edge methodology standards.

Build a holistic carbon mitigation strategy report with concrete next steps

After identifying and quantifying actions with Greenly's experts, use the Decarbonization Pathway tool to assess impact and implementation levels through scenario envisioning. Collaborate with Greenly and consulting partners for change management and financial analysis support.

Apply for a Science-Based Target Initiative certification

Investors increasingly value businesses with clear environmental policies, as this signifies innovation, attracting investors amid growing customer awareness.

Why a decarbonization strategy is important

Establishing decarbonization targets is the cornerstone of any effective climate strategy. Greenly provides the resources and expertise needed for science-based objectives.

Take action for the planet

It's a pivotal moment for companies to adopt concrete, impactful measures that make a real difference in actively combating the climate crisis.

Enhance brand image

Consumers' growing awareness is driving companies to prioritize environmental responsibility and ethical consumption.

Reduce cost and increase profits

Setting these objectives ensures efficient and resourceful operations, preparing for a future with rising resource costs.

Boost your investor’s confidence

Investors have grown interested in the environmental policies businesses aim to implement, especially in the midst of the newfound awareness amongst customers. Companies that set decarbonization targets can establish themselves as innovative – which can ultimately attract investors.