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Why Greenly?

More than 800 companies have already trusted us to effectively reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Because with Greenly, you measure accurately, reduce sustainably, contribute intelligently and report on your progress.

No climate policies

4.1 - 4.8 °C

Expected emissions in a baseline scenario if countries had not implemented climate reduction policies.

Current policies

2.5 -2.9 °C

Emissions with current climate policies in place result in warming of 2.5 to 2.9°C by 2100.

Pledges & targets

2.1 °C

Emissions if all countries delivered on reduction pledges result in warming of 2.1°C by 2100.


2 °C


1.5 °C

If the trend is not reversed, temperatures could rise by +4°C by 2030, threatening the survival of the human species itself

And now?

Carbon accounting has met its match

We've combined smart data collection with advanced features to create the world's most intuitive carbon accounting solution.

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A unique, complete, and intuitive platform

Integrate your company's physical flows and monetary flows into the platform, monitor your CO2 emissions in real time, and define your reduction trajectory. All on a single interface for 100% control and visibility of your carbon accounting.

Tailor-made support

Because technology alone would not be sufficient to satisfy a successful carbon footprint approach, you benefit from the support of a climate expert throughout your duration with us in order to guide you as best as possible on your roadmap.

Greenly is the personalized solution

Personalized dashboard

Measuring, reducing CO2 emissions, and contributing to a climate project is all done in the same place.

Adjusted to your company’s maturity

Benefit from a platform that evolves with your company and its maturity on climate issues.

Specialized in all industries

With nearly 1,000 customers supported, Greenly has built up expertise for all sectors.

More control, more support

Often times carbon accounting can be complex, time-consuming, and very expensive. But Greenly truly supports the entire company towards simpler management of its carbon accounting by combining the best of technology and human monitoring.

Time saving, more visibility, and finer control


Climate expert

Support, training, and monitoring of your action plans

Unique , to carry out the fight of the century

No need to be an expert to get started

From onboarding to offsetting, our mission is to make you an expert on these subjects. And you’re guided step by step by our experts!

An approach designed with your teams

Involve your employees in the production of your balance sheet thanks to a questionnaire on their habits, and raise their awareness thanks to our tailor-made training.

55% less effort with Greenly

Focus on your strategic activities. Our carbon management platform considerably reduces the effort required to carry out a carbon assessment

Benchmarking to compare yourself to others

Get a thorough analysis of your emissions on our dashboard and compare yourself with other players in your industry.

Benchmarking to compare yourself to others

Adapted to your company and your ambitions, our experts define a customized action plan and suggest alternatives to take concrete action.

Earn your certifications and labels

Our tool meets the high standards of the GHG Protocol, and our expert team helps you achieve the various certifications you business hopes to get.

Manage your carbon footprint with others

Finally you can manage your Carbon Footprint with your team, assigning tasks to different people and getting everyone involved in making a positive impact.

Experts in your industry, and in role

The largest knowledge base produced thanks to hundreds of GHG Assessments and the centralization of public databases.

The largest catalog of virtuous alternatives

We help you find sustainable partners to considerably reduce your CO2 emissions.


Our customers have seen results


is the rating that our customers give us, the best to date for a digitalized Carbon Footprint solution.

4 days

this is the average time saved by the teams in charge of their carbon footprint since they have been using Greenly.


of our customers see better management of their CO2 emissions with Greenly.

Align your personal beliefs with your professional career

Our tools and our end-to-end support will allow you to engage your company in a concrete approach in favor of the climate.

CEOs and Boards

Become an inspiring leader. Develop a CSR program that meets the expectations of your customers, teams, and shareholders.

Purchasing Manager

Be the example on-site so that your teams adopt the right ideas. Implement a responsible purchasing policy.

CSR Manager

Mobilize and engage all teams around sustainable development issues to have a positive impact.

Human Resources

70% of employees prefer to work for a company with a CSR approach. Take sustainability measures that attract and retain talent.


Be the brand image! Improve your companies and deploy a communication strategy with the help of our marketing team.

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