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Why should you apply to SBTi?

A Science-based Target is a target trajectory for companies to align with the climate warning limited at +1.5°C in 2100.

Garner international public recognition

SBTi is the primary reference for Climate Targets worldwide

Meet your client’s expectations

Sustainable companies seek to work with SBTi Certified Suppliers

Establish a competitive edge

SBTi is becoming the new standard for governments & major corporations

Build a more ambitious climate strategy

Calculate and identify how your actions directly contribute to emission reductions

The SBTi journey: The Application, and What Happens Next

Navigate the SBTi certification process effortlessly with Greenly, especially when you need to Develop and Disclose.


Send commitment letter


Define targets, construct Action Roadmap and create application file


Apply to SBTi, and SBTi to review


Share carbon mitigation strategy publicly


Report on GHG Emissions and on your actions’ KPIs each year

Why select Greenly for your SBTi Application?

We know SBTi certification is no easy feat, and we want to ensure you that Greenly is by your side from beginning to end beyond the tools to use.

SBTi-focused Training

Get tailored training to gain key information on the SBTi methodology. Greenly is here to help guide you towards the right choices throughout the process.

SBTi Compliant Roadmap

For accurate SBTi applications, access Greenly's tools like the Decarbonisation Pathway Builder for autonomous and precise results.

End-to-end Project Management

Crafting a carbon strategy is just the start. Collaborate with Greenly and its consulting partners for seamless change management.

Supplier Engagement

Greenly helps you align your suppliers’ commitments to SBTi objectives and reach supplier engagement requirements.

An Autonomous Process with Support Provided

Greenly offers you the opportunity to apply for SBTi in autonomy, thanks to its detailed process, clear guidelines, and Q&A assistance.

SBTi Application Submission

Greenly aids in preparing your requirements for success, and we continue supporting you throughout the validation process.

Set science-based decarbonisation targets first

For SBTi success, set aligned decarbonisation targets with Greenly’s expert support and use the Decarbonisation Pathway tool. Greenly offers automated carbon impact analysis technology.

Still have questions about SBTi?

  • What are the pre-requisites to be SBTi compliant ?

    SBTi is an emissions trajectory commitment framework, rather than a framework that audits a climate strategy.
    The pre-requisites of SBTi are accomplishing a recent GHG Assessment and identifying actions to be implemented towards decarbonisation.
    To note, SBTi does an audit every 5 years to assess if the emissions trajectory is respected. Greenly is here to support its clients in designing their Emissions Trajectory and tracking progress with the Decarbonisation Pathway tool.

  • Does Greenly support its client for Net-Zero Strategy formulation?

    Net-Zero Strategy, or “Long Term Strategy”, refers to an optional, long term commitment: 90% emissions reduction by 2050 at the latest. Greenly may support its clients for this endeavour — creating the application document and crafting the mitigation strategy.

  • How long does an SBTi support mission last?

    Between 1 month for an SME and 4-6 month for a large company.