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🚀 Greenly Raises a $52 Million Series B to Drive Widespread Adoption of Emissions Reporting Amidst Regulatory Push!

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Greenly and Mammoth Climate are partnering to drive sustainable action.




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Meet climate targets by turning your workforce into a climate movement.

Mammoth Climate enables companies execute successfully on their climate commitments by mobilizing the workforce to play an active role in it. The company incentivizes employees along a journey of education, upskilling opportunities, and role-based tactical climate action plans that drive real carbon reduction for the employer.

Mammoth Climate’s partnership with Greenly is facilitating a new era of climate plan execution that embeds climate action into the cultural fabric of an organization. For Net Zero plans to be successful, we need the entire org working in lock step. Employees need the right education, direction, and incentives to deliver on these targets from the bottom-up
Jack Bruner, Co-Founder of Mammoth Climate.
Jack Bruner
Co-Founder of Mammoth Climate.

How Greenly and Mammoth Climate Collaborate?

Mammoth Climate’s platform seamlessly integrates with Greenly’s offering. Once clients finalize their GHG reports through Greenly, their dedicated Account Management team strategically directs those seeking assistance in implementing emissions reduction strategies to Mammoth Climate.

Greenly’s expertise also complements Mammoth Climate’s services by addressing clients' GHG reporting requirements comprehensively, thus providing a holistic view of their organizational carbon footprint.

Also, through coordinated marketing endeavors such as webinars, blog collaborations, and co-hosted events, they proactively identify and engage potential clients who would benefit from their combined solutions.

Ongoing results

Both companies continuously deliver a unified offering that not only simplifies carbon management but also provides actionable strategies for emissions reduction, empowering their clients to make tangible environmental impacts.

Their collaborative efforts have yielded substantial results, with pipeline deals exceeding the $1 million mark, underscoring the tangible value generated through their partnership.

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